Who is Holding Your Arms Up?

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Moses’ call to lead is encouraging for the most fledging leader. As his story unfolds, we see that he had an exceptional leadership gift. He was a large capacity man who could handle ‘truck-loads’ of responsibility. Yet, as we will see with Moses, even if you are very gifted, God has His way of reminding us that we need to depend on others.

Exodus 17:8-16 is such a moment in Moses’ life. Israel get viciously attacked by a people called Amalek. Moses acts decisively and delegates Joshua to lead the ground forces while he heads to a hilltop for a birds-eye view of the battle. The battle begins below, with Moses standing on the hill with his hands raised in prayer for his friends. But Moses notices, when his hands begin dropping from tiredness, the tables seem to turn in favour of Amalek. He needs his arms to be held up. But how will he do it? He hasn’t enough strength on his own. Enter Aaron and Hur. By the grace of God, they had headed up the mountain with Moses. God had brought them along to assist not just Moses, but all of the brothers in battle. They helped Moses by keeping his arms raised, which had a profound effect on the battle below- the tide turned in favour of the Israelites!

This is a classic Ephesians 4 moment; “when each part is working properly” (v16), victory can be achieved. From the men on the hilltop to the last man standing on the battle ground, each needed to fulfil their respective roles, working as one in unity.

God was bringing home a point, not just to Moses but to every Israelite: everyone is to play their part in His army. This is leadership 101 in His kingdom. There is no lone-ranger activity and no dictatorial-styled leadership. Dependence on God is the order of the day, and we all need to depend on others too. God was driving home the point that no leader of His was to do things on their own. We need our brothers; we need to ensure we are leading together in team; we cannot fulfil God’s call on our own.

If you find yourself in a leadership position such as Moses did, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you heading up the leadership mountain on your own?
  • Do you have people around you to help you hold up your hands? These need to be people that you trust with your life.
  • Are you taking people with you in your leadership by envisioning them, sharing your life with them, and being humble and admitting your own need of them?
  • Are the roles of the people around you clearly defined, so that they can fulfill the role they are called to?

Perhaps you are called to be an Aaron or Hur-type leader- holding up the hands of your leader. Or like a friend of mine once said; “I thought they were with me to hold up my hands, but instead they pulled down my pants!”

At a glance this is a humorous, but in God’s economy it is tragic and will obviously lack any of His blessing.

If you find yourself in a supporting leadership role, such as Aaron or Hur did, ask yourself the following questions (courtesy of Nick Davis):

  • Is my life a fresh testimony to my leader?
  • Does my tongue bring breakthrough and encouragement?
  • Is freedom a testimony of my life?
  • Does my private life have any sloppy aspects?
  • Is my marriage strong?
  • Is the vision of Christ a self-motivating generator for me?
  • Is my life filled with faith stories?

Let us ensure we are not isolated leaders. Let’s take people with us so we can be better together. Let’s support and follow as Jesus would want us to follow. Whether it is leadership in the church or in business, let us lead the way and show the world leadership that reflects the magnificence of God’s character!

Painting: John Everett Millais [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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