How To Do a Bible-Study

How can you get more out of your time in the Word?

The War on Culture

To control a population, you must first control the population’s minds…


Rebellious to Redeemed

Matt and Stuart’s story of living with the deep guilt of a rebellious, broken life. When alcohol and drugs don’t fill the gap, can God set you free from addiction? Will God meet you at your point of need?

Fleeing Depression

Drugs, parties, girls…a downward spiral into depression, until love reached out to save him and show him authentic life. Devan shares his story of God’s saving grace with us.


26 – 28 MARCH 2020

In 2020 we will be hosting our first ever Four12 Worship Conference – Wild Love. Wild Love will be a time for all saints who serve in worship, to come together for a time of equipping, but more so, for a time of falling in love with Jesus. 

Watch the promo clip as Mervis shares more about the heart of the event. For more details and to register, click the link below.


Joshua Generation Church is currently running a Church Planting course presented by our Four12 leader, Andrew Selley. The vision is to see God raise a generation who will live to see His Kingdom come, through the vehicle God has chosen, His church. We believe this will be a huge resource for anyone with a heart for church planting. We greatly encourage you to motivate your saints and leaders to access this resource and share it amongst themselves!

The session recordings will be made available weekly as a Podcast as the course progresses. (Search “Four12 Global” on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.) It will also be available as audio recordings on our Website & App, and as video recordings from 2020.


Hungry to be a part of a healthy church? Check out this short clip by Andrew Selley explaining our journey as a movement, and answering where Four12 came from and what we are about.



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