Worship Project

At the end of 2014 we spoke to you about our Worship Project and the response has been great so far. Now it’s time to start talking about the next stage. Read on and watch the video below to find out how you will be able to submit your songs, tell us a bit about your song, more about yourself and where you can upload the lyrics, chords and a short recording of the song.

For ease of administration, we would love everyone who submits a song to read through and sign the deed of assignment (at the end of the submission form). This deed ensures you will be recognised as the composer of the song, whilst giving Four12 the freedom to use the song and record and distribute it. Of course, as the composer you will also still be able to use the song yourself, but the administration and copyright of the song will become Four12’s responsibility. (More details about the deed of assignment is available here; we encourage you to refer there if you have any questions).

Once your song has been submitted, it will be listened to by different worship overseers from churches partnering in Four12. We are not looking for solo songs, or performances but want songs we can use to praise and worship Jesus together. For instance: we will look at the lyrics of the song; is the theology good? Does it agree with the Bible? We will listen to the tune. Is it interesting, but simple enough for a congregation to get the hang of? And we will look at the chords, to make sure it is original, but not too technical.

Of the many songs submitted, all those that pass this simple test will be circulated among the churches to be used. Of these a selection will be earmarked for recording, which we’re hoping will happen later in the year.

Before submitting your songs, please read the file and filename requirements below:

Filename Protocols

Please use the following filename protocol for the song: churchname_songname_yourname.mp3, (e.g. Joshgen_PraiseHim_AdamHellyer.mp3).

  • Acceptable file formats: .mp3 .m4a .3ga .amr .mp4
  • The recording should represent the song as it has been used in your congregation.
  • A simple arrangement (e.g. just vocal and guitar) is perfectly acceptable.

Please use the following filename protocol for the song chord-sheet: churchname_songname_yourname.pdf, (e.g. Joshgen_PraiseHim_AdamHellyer.mp3).

  • Acceptable formats: .pdf .txt .odt .doc .docx
  • Chord sheet should represent the song as it has been used in your congregation.
  • A simple presentation of verse, chorus, bridge will be sufficient.


Submit a Song