Love People, Use Things 

The upcoming Black-Friday deals and Christmas holidays bring about a consumerist insanity where we get swept up into frenzied spending that can be ungodly. We have to navigate carefully during this season.

Mobilising The Saints

Going on outreaches not only blesses those we go to, it also helps us to grow. I’ve found it to be true that it is a greater blessing to bless (reach out) than to receive a blessing (be reached out to).

You are God and I am Not

Along with the incredibly key messages shared at this year’s Four12 Conference in South Africa, there were also wonderful times of worship, including the singing of this song ‘You Are God and We Are Not’

Not a One Man Show

To have partners means a sharing of ideas and thoughts, feedback on ministry and how it is really going. It means encouraging each other in the face of difficulties, companionship and sharing of the highs and lows.

Don’t Get Stuck Spectating

We can come to meetings on a Sunday, raise our hands as the music team plays, attend a community group in the middle of the week and even profess to be a Christian; and not actually be a disciple of Jesus.

Just Not Our Money

The morning after booking our travel tickets the feeling of “what are we doing spending all our money like this?” hit me. It felt so unwise for all three of us to go overseas right then.

The Parable of Barry

There was much that we experienced and shared together during the week in Harare, but one testimony has stood out as a reminder of how personally the Father calls us to Himself.

Passionate About Parenting

This life is imperfect and you cannot shield them from the pain of living in a fallen world. Your children learn more about your faith during the bad times than they do during the good times.

Nothing Hidden

How do we know the condition of our hearts? We cannot hide the condition of our hearts for long, eventually our mouths will betray us.

Learning the Feminine Arts?

The essence of femininity is “surrender”, “yieldedness” to God first and then flowing out of that to our husbands, church leaders. This is not possible outside of a change of heart.

I Am No Saint

“Four12 is more than just a conference and name tags. It is a global, regional and local partnership of saints advancing the kingdom of God.”


Ryan unpacks what it is going to take for the church to be the unstoppable force which Christ has made us to be.

Why Do We Lay Hands?

Some think the laying on of hands are one of those new charismatic practices. But in fact, it’s as old as the Bible itself and part of the ABC’s of orthodox Christian faith.

The Work We Never Rest From

I’ve often struggled to rest well on my day off. At times, I have seen friends (in ministry specifically) ‘burn out’ because they have not rested properly. In my fear of burn-out, I’ve sometimes avoided doing good and loving people in my holiday time, or my day off.