God Can Use Anyone

The willingness and obedience of everyone to stay lead to an amazing evening of spontaneous worship in the dark. It was such a sweet time in His presence.

Coming Alive in Cape Town

This little taste of heaven ignited a desire in all of us, we knew we were gathered for more, more of our King & His Kingdom, more of us as saints coming together united by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This Season for a Reason

In a new and unfamiliar season, we can miss what the Lord is doing in our hearts and lives. As I look back, I see that the initial ‘discomfort’ I experienced was part of the good work the Lord was doing in my life.

Show and Tell

The music team led us in Xhosa and English worship and it was such a powerful picture of what heaven might look like one day when every nation, tribe and tongue will worship.

When Truths Collide

The bible is full of paradoxes. These “opposing truths” are often presented without any explanation of how such ideas can be reconciled but which are both true– just like the nature of light!

Now Is the Time

God is using Firebrand Church to reach the lost, broken and hurting in an area of Dublin that has become known for gangsterism, drugs, murders and suicides.

I Am No Saint

“Four12 is more than just a conference and name tags. It is a global, regional and local partnership of saints advancing the kingdom of God.”

Let’s Be ‘Do-ers’

I know that the Lord has so much more for Dublin and the Isle of Man, and that’s what I pray for each of us: that we will move into the more of what God has for us here and now and not settle.


Ryan unpacks what it is going to take for the church to be the unstoppable force which Christ has made us to be.

When God Has Other Plans

I have now seen how I have underestimated what God can do through me in what seems to be small and insignificant moments. The Gospel is exactly the same no matter where in the world you are.

The Living Dead

The world says we are just victims of our circumstances. God says something different! We have felt God calling the youth be empowered by Him! Dead to self, alive to Christ. (Romans 6:11)

Brazil – Us, Lord?

When Rousseau, one of our elders, first approached us about going to Brazil, I was surprised. Us – Brazil? Did I hear him right?