No Suffering Wasted

This has been our prayer right from the start of this journey – that our suffering would never be wasted, that we would never curl into a ball, shrink back and hide behind the diagnosis and its physical effects on my body.

Facing the Tests

The Holy Spirit enabled me to face the test head on. God added a huge dose of humility and ‘log out of my eye’ perspective to my viewpoint and the strangest thing happened.

The Missing Peace

Christians love praying for peace. But do we even know what we’re praying for? If Christians seek the peace of the world, a peace without God, that peace is merely a façade.

Thank God for Expiry Dates

Unfortunately what I’ve experienced prior to finding breakthrough in life is: “With each different level – there’s a different devil.” It doesn’t end there, the encouragement is: EVERY difficult time has a God ordained expiry date, it won’t last forever and we will eventually break through.