A Watershed Moment

What did Mike experience at the 2018 Four12 School of Evangelism in South Africa? Watch this great video testimony from Mike and be encouraged by what God is doing amongst us.

An Opportune Time

The devil couldn’t gain a hold over Jesus’ heart or mind because Jesus was given over to God first. He didn’t gallivant around doing His own thing and then try to resist the devil.

Ultimate Success

What followed was a year and a half of not being able to lean on my impeccable credentials, my education at the best university in Africa, my networks or the colour of my skin.

Icing on the Cake

How amazing is the family of God across the world? We recently returned from South Africa after 3 weeks of travelling across the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Flying Solo

When I first decided to go to Brazil, I didn’t dwell too long on the fact that I’d be going alone. I had travelled solo farther and for longer, after all…

Hello from Hoedspruit

The book of Acts describes the planting of new churches as the most effective means to disciple people and demonstrate authentic christianity into local communities. In the last year we have been privileged to see two congregations planted into Harare, Zimbabwe and another one in Pretoria (Church Zao).

News from South Africa: Oxygen Life Church

Life here in Port Elizabeth (PE) has been very wet lately, so far we have experienced the second highest rainfall ever recorded in our city! We are headed for the highest ever ‘they say.’ This has resulted in me (and I’m sure many other home owners with gardens) not having to work on keeping the garden watered at all! A …