Is God Genocidal?

How can we reconcile the loving God of the New Testament with the God who commands whole people groups to be destroyed in the Old Testament?

The Collision

As Christians there is a fine line between provoking trouble and experiencing the kind of opposition that Jesus experienced.

How to Save a Life

When one of the most successful artists of his generation can no longer find meaning in being alive, his death proves that a hopeless culture is more ready than ever to hear the truth.

Going To Dance

Covenant Life Church, Benoni just had the privilege of hosting the first ever Gauteng Regional Equipping Time all- God’s church was hungry to meet with Him and He showed up in a big way!

Before there was time…

Before there was time, before there was light. Before the earth began to turn. Before there were stars, or galaxies or the universe… There was God. And God was thinking about you.

The Person of the Holy Spirit – Part 2

Growing up it never dawned on me that the Holy Spirit was actually a divine Person. I did say the creed, and with my mouth acknowledged that, “I believe in ‘God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit.” But there was no inward reality of His divinity until years later.