Out with the Old?

A Christianity divorced from the Old Testament God might be more comfortable, but it’s called heresy, and the true Church will not put up with it.

When Truths Collide

The bible is full of paradoxes. These “opposing truths” are often presented without any explanation of how such ideas can be reconciled but which are both true– just like the nature of light!

Passing on the Baton

The unknown is always scary- but isn’t the essence of adventure, needing to pluck up the courage to step out into the unknown? Choosing boldness, even when your gut reaction emotions tempt you to “feel” anything but brave.

Ultimate Success

What followed was a year and a half of not being able to lean on my impeccable credentials, my education at the best university in Africa, my networks or the colour of my skin.

God Wears Clothes

People are pushing for public nudity to be more acceptable. Pornography is everywhere and film and TV love to use sex and nudity to add excitement to the entertainment on our screens. But is this a culture we should embrace?

Suffering Well

The word ‘suffering’ in the bible refers to the various kinds of hardship that we face on the earth which clearly we won’t experience in heaven (Rev 21:4).