How He Loves Me

In my mind, I knew God loves me, but in my heart I couldn’t feel it and I was stepping out in asking God to (in his kindness) meet me at my point of need and speak to me.

A Perfect Day

A seemingly perfect day on a beach in Brazil interrupted by a really frightening turn in events. Was God there in it all? What was He showing me?

More Important Than My Comfort

I was so set on seeing this prophetic word become a reality that I didn’t stop to ask God what He thought about my future plans. Without realising it I was following the prophetic word instead of following God’s voice.

My Glory is Arising

If my servants and Church will humble themselves, walk in love, humility and unity, I shall bless them, I shall conquer for them. I shall break down the walls and places of captivity.

Seeing His Love

His Love Church started partnering with Four12 in the middle of 2016 and has since this time welcomed various visits from Four12 Partnering leaders and ministering teams.

Time To Fly

In March 2016 I attended the Four12 School of Prophecy and was given so many tools in the prophetic, not just to minister but to help and equip others to walk in their giftings too.

I Will Speak, I Will Risk

About 18 months ago as my precious middle daughter, Abby, was leaving our home after a time of prayer together she said, “Mom, I really feel like you need to step out more in the prophetic”.

When the Spirit Moves in Power

When the Spirit falls, the response of the crowd is very sobering. Some are “amazed”, they are in awe and curious wonderment. Others are “perplexed”, confused and cautious, they have no reference for what God is doing and are on the very edge of offence.

Blown Away

I am blown away by the amount of enthusiasm that has been expressed by our staff and students as they form apart of the first Four12 School of Prophecy in South Africa.