Zimbabwe Relief

How can we can be a part of providing aid for our partnering churches in Zimbabwe during this difficult time? Watch this clip from Cliff Hiscock and Johane Musviba…

New Name, New Life

We are a small church but growing steadily and with an amazing hunger for the Presence of the Lord. I am consistently getting feedback from people of how loved they feel.

Why Do We Lay Hands?

Some think the laying on of hands are one of those new charismatic practices. But in fact, it’s as old as the Bible itself and part of the ABC’s of orthodox Christian faith.

The Living Dead

The world says we are just victims of our circumstances. God says something different! We have felt God calling the youth be empowered by Him! Dead to self, alive to Christ. (Romans 6:11)

Thank God for Expiry Dates

Unfortunately what I’ve experienced prior to finding breakthrough in life is: “With each different level – there’s a different devil.” It doesn’t end there, the encouragement is: EVERY difficult time has a God ordained expiry date, it won’t last forever and we will eventually break through.