Practical Points for Partnering

How can local churches partner with Ephesians 4 gifts in a meaningful way?

Partnering & Mutual Submission – Part 2

How can we achieve accountability beyond the local church that is not either stifling control or a form of accountability that really means nothing in practice?

Connect Europe

For a week in February, leaders from churches across Europe gathered in Switzerland. Nations represented covered Switzerland, Isle of Man, UK, Poland, Spain and Romania.

Building Biblical Partnerships

Does it matter how we relate with the broader church of God? If so, how should we?

When Your Church Goes Through Transition

What should you expect if your church has a change in leadership or transitions into a new apostolic partnership?

No Longer a Goat

This ‘sheep-fold’ analogy is such a common metaphor that when you come across it in Scripture you may not even stop to ponder – ‘Why are the righteous like sheep, and why are good leaders like good shepherds?’

Excitement in Africa

When we go into the nations and build up His body it as if we get an injection of God’s jealousy for His church, as spoken through Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:2 “I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy”

Seeing His Love

His Love Church started partnering with Four12 in the middle of 2016 and has since this time welcomed various visits from Four12 Partnering leaders and ministering teams.

Brazil-iant Zeal

The people in this city work hard, and by “work hard” I mean, just like the city, the people themselves never seem to stand still. That is the biggest thing that amazes me the about “São Paulians”, their capacity for fully living life.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Wow! What a great sense of belonging we have experienced after having finally said yes to the invite to be part of Four12 in the beginning of 2015.