Choosing Life or Death

The doctor said I would die if I did not take the medication even though my body reacted so badly to it. She also said that I would not be able to have children, and if I did, I would end up dying due to my condition.

Mobilising The Saints

Going on outreaches not only blesses those we go to, it also helps us to grow. I’ve found it to be true that it is a greater blessing to bless (reach out) than to receive a blessing (be reached out to).

No Turning Back

He asked for people to respond to the Lord if they wanted to declare to God “use me anywhere, anyhow, anytime etc.” and when I stood up to respond I knew without a doubt that God had seen this and that He took it seriously.

Be Fierce

Courage is not the absence of fear! Courage is acknowledging our fear… and then stepping out, in the face of our fear, to fight for what we know is right.

The Will of God?

Thankfully I had also heard Andrew Selley’s words to the church “fill a gap wherever there is a gap in the church, if it is something you like to do or not”.

Passing on the Baton

The unknown is always scary- but isn’t the essence of adventure, needing to pluck up the courage to step out into the unknown? Choosing boldness, even when your gut reaction emotions tempt you to “feel” anything but brave.

More Important Than My Comfort

I was so set on seeing this prophetic word become a reality that I didn’t stop to ask God what He thought about my future plans. Without realising it I was following the prophetic word instead of following God’s voice.

Go Anywhere, Anytime

Our response to this new adventure was “Yes Lord!” We’ll do whatever it is you ask of us. Our hearts were fired up, full of faith because Jesus was walking with us and showing us the next step.

An Opportune Time

The devil couldn’t gain a hold over Jesus’ heart or mind because Jesus was given over to God first. He didn’t gallivant around doing His own thing and then try to resist the devil.

Get Your Own Story

I am no one extraordinary and no I’m not insecure about this truth. In fact I revel in the truth that I don’t need to be anyone special to fulfill the God given commission given to us all as believers.

Start Your Engines!

Christ who lives in me, is now the centre of my universe. He has replaced the big I with the ever-increasing HIM. His desires have now been placed in my spirit and I have an entirely new and all-powerful ‘engine’ operating from within my being…