How He Loves Me

In my mind, I knew God loves me, but in my heart I couldn’t feel it and I was stepping out in asking God to (in his kindness) meet me at my point of need and speak to me.


What We Get to Do

Imagine being there with Jesus, in that monumental moment in history, as he gave them His marching orders – to continue the work He started with His birth, ministry, death and resurrection.


Nothing Hidden

How do we know the condition of our hearts? We cannot hide the condition of our hearts for long, eventually our mouths will betray us.


How to Save a Life

When one of the most successful artists of his generation can no longer find meaning in being alive, his death proves that a hopeless culture is more ready than ever to hear the truth.


Learning the Feminine Arts?

The essence of femininity is “surrender”, “yieldedness” to God first and then flowing out of that to our husbands, church leaders. This is not possible outside of a change of heart.


Icing on the Cake

How amazing is the family of God across the world? We recently returned from South Africa after 3 weeks of travelling across the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.


Pucker Up

There, hugs, kisses on the cheek and pats on the back are meted out generously, like the England football team gifting goals to everyone at a World Cup


Seeing His Love

His Love Church started partnering with Four12 in the middle of 2016 and has since this time welcomed various visits from Four12 Partnering leaders and ministering teams.


When Sheep Bite

Chris Staples gives some advice for those who pastor God’s flock, “there are times that… it is from the very people whom we serve that we are grievously wounded and betrayed.”


Not His First Love

I can never expect my husband to fulfill in my heart only that which God can do, just as I can never expect God to bless our relationship if we place Him selfishly “2nd most important ” in our lives and marriage.


Easy To Sulk, Better to Love

I was reading Job 23 and was reminded of a word brought by an elder at our leaders at Joshua Generation Church. He shared about trusting God even when life seems so unfair


The Work We Never Rest From

I’ve often struggled to rest well on my day off. At times, I have seen friends (in ministry specifically) ‘burn out’ because they have not rested properly. In my fear of burn-out, I’ve sometimes avoided doing good and loving people in my holiday time, or my day off.


The Big Ass in the Road

The question is: what is truly loving? The apostle Paul wrote; “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom…” (Colossians 3:16). To admonish literally means ‘to warn’.


Go On, Risk It Anyway

Bret, my husband, has the adventure gene. I have the…”sit quietly and enjoy watching the adventure” gene. Bret likes to hang off rocks, trail run down mountains at break neck speeds, and surprisingly…cook.

The Father Heart of God

You and I have been made for family, and to be fathered by God. The father heart of God is that we live out of the security of enjoying his love and in being his children.