A Lesson in Leadership

“He took his moment. It was the opportunity to be brave and to lead by example, and it caused him to bring the same out of others.”

When Your Church Goes Through Transition

What should you expect if your church has a change in leadership or transitions into a new apostolic partnership?

Rapid Acceleration

God is in no rush, He sees the big picture of our lives and He is interested in the ‘end goal’, his ways often include many stops, detours, side-ventures and learning stages.

Facing the Tests

The Holy Spirit enabled me to face the test head on. God added a huge dose of humility and ‘log out of my eye’ perspective to my viewpoint and the strangest thing happened.

No Longer a Goat

This ‘sheep-fold’ analogy is such a common metaphor that when you come across it in Scripture you may not even stop to ponder – ‘Why are the righteous like sheep, and why are good leaders like good shepherds?’

Andrew (who) Selley

Since today is Andrew Selley’s birthday, we thought we’d take the opportunity to find out more about the man ‘they’ call A J Selley (okay, we’re not sure if anyone calls Andrew ‘A J’, but we think it’s catchy, right?).

When Sheep Bite

Chris Staples gives some advice for those who pastor God’s flock, “there are times that… it is from the very people whom we serve that we are grievously wounded and betrayed.”

The Money-Handlers

One aspect of Paul’s ministry that is often overlooked is the value he placed on the integrity of handling finance and administration. Here are 5 guiding principles for leadership and those handling finance.

Songs For Now

There is a song for now. In the same way that certain scriptures, words and phrases, take on new significance in different seasons, so our songs need to reflect what God is doing in the times we are in.

The Work We Never Rest From

I’ve often struggled to rest well on my day off. At times, I have seen friends (in ministry specifically) ‘burn out’ because they have not rested properly. In my fear of burn-out, I’ve sometimes avoided doing good and loving people in my holiday time, or my day off.