The Collision

As Christians there is a fine line between provoking trouble and experiencing the kind of opposition that Jesus experienced.


This Season for a Reason

In a new and unfamiliar season, we can miss what the Lord is doing in our hearts and lives. As I look back, I see that the initial ‘discomfort’ I experienced was part of the good work the Lord was doing in my life.


What We Get to Do

Imagine being there with Jesus, in that monumental moment in history, as he gave them His marching orders – to continue the work He started with His birth, ministry, death and resurrection.


The Parable of Barry

There was much that we experienced and shared together during the week in Harare, but one testimony has stood out as a reminder of how personally the Father calls us to Himself.

The Church’s Responsibility to the Poor

Watch this clip by Andrew Selley as he unpacks a Biblical understanding of the church’s responsibility to the poor.


God Wears Clothes

People are pushing for public nudity to be more acceptable. Pornography is everywhere and film and TV love to use sex and nudity to add excitement to the entertainment on our screens. But is this a culture we should embrace?