Nothing Hidden

How do we know the condition of our hearts? We cannot hide the condition of our hearts for long, eventually our mouths will betray us.

Ultimate Success

What followed was a year and a half of not being able to lean on my impeccable credentials, my education at the best university in Africa, my networks or the colour of my skin.

Easy To Sulk, Better to Love

I was reading Job 23 and was reminded of a word brought by an elder at our leaders at Joshua Generation Church. He shared about trusting God even when life seems so unfair

Before there was time…

Before there was time, before there was light. Before the earth began to turn. Before there were stars, or galaxies or the universe… There was God. And God was thinking about you.

Facing the Music

When our worship songs focus on His character, glory, power, love and grace, we can’t go wrong. Singing to Him about how amazing He is can only be good for us; it takes our focus off ourselves and onto what – or rather, Who – is unchanging.