When Your Pastor Goes Rogue…

What should we do if we find ourselves in a church governed by a leader who has become a law unto himself?

A Mediocre Life

My journey with Jesus is causing me to recognise more and more that my idea of success and God’s own ideas on the subject often differ radically.

No Longer a Goat

This ‘sheep-fold’ analogy is such a common metaphor that when you come across it in Scripture you may not even stop to ponder – ‘Why are the righteous like sheep, and why are good leaders like good shepherds?’

Learning the Feminine Arts?

The essence of femininity is “surrender”, “yieldedness” to God first and then flowing out of that to our husbands, church leaders. This is not possible outside of a change of heart.

“The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness”

It’s tough at times trying to embody humility- finding the balance between thinking you should reject any recognition sent your way and yet not getting too big a kick out of people’s validation.

What Made the Early Church Different? 

With the students we work with, we have seen how the Holy Spirit has done a significant work in their lives.. This has really brought a heightened sense of the significance of the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. Here are some of the things that stood out for me regarding the work of the Spirit this year:

When the Spirit Moves in Power

When the Spirit falls, the response of the crowd is very sobering. Some are “amazed”, they are in awe and curious wonderment. Others are “perplexed”, confused and cautious, they have no reference for what God is doing and are on the very edge of offence.

Marriage Revealed

When my wife and I had been married for just 5 months, I began to comprehend why already married couples told me – “when you get married you really learn what it means to die to yourself.”