Rebellious to Redeemed

Matt and Stuart’s story of living with the deep guilt of a rebellious, broken life. When alcohol and drugs don’t fill the gap, can God set you free from addiction? Will God meet you at your point of need?

Saved From Darkness

I’d been a main player in a criminal syndicate that distributed drugs to many Johannesburg night clubs, arrested multiple times for reasons ranging from assault to drugs…and even attempted murder.

A Watershed Moment

What did Mike experience at the 2018 Four12 School of Evangelism in South Africa? Watch this great video testimony from Mike and be encouraged by what God is doing amongst us.

How to Save a Life

When one of the most successful artists of his generation can no longer find meaning in being alive, his death proves that a hopeless culture is more ready than ever to hear the truth.

Get Your Own Story

I am no one extraordinary and no I’m not insecure about this truth. In fact I revel in the truth that I don’t need to be anyone special to fulfill the God given commission given to us all as believers.

A Heart like Jesus

What is it that both Christians and non-Christians hate? Evangelism! In this article, I want to look at evangelism through another lens; how to develop a heart for the lost.

Evangelise or Fossilize!

“My one word for our time in Hoedspruit, well for all of life as a Christian really, is RISK. There is no adventure without risk, but oh if you allow God to lead you on the adventure He so longs to lead you on, you will see His provision and providence in ways you could never imagine.”…