Do not fear! Our website is not in isolation, it is simply under construction at the moment you will find an abbreviated site with only certain links available.

Our technical team is working around the clock to reconnect you with all the new resources, worship and so much more on our site and App.

Besides video, we are also planning to have certain resources available in audio format (podcast) in an attempt to minimize data usage and allow you to stay connected for longer.

In the meantime, to ensure you don’t miss out, the links for the next three Sunday messages will be uploaded for you on our abbreviated website, as well as social media channels and WhatsApp groups.

Links available on Saturday 18h00 (GMT +2):
Andrews Selley (Four12) Sunday sermon @09H00.
Brad Verreynne (Oxygen life) Sunday sermon @ 09h00. Live Facebook steam only.

Links available on Sunday 14h00 (GMY +2)u>
Jonathan Stansfield (Living Hope) Sunday @ 17h00.

Should you as a leader prefer to pre-download the sermons, we suggest that you schedule them for 09h00 and 17h00 via your various channels.