You are God and I am Not

Along with the incredibly key messages shared at this year’s Four12 Conference in South Africa, there were also wonderful times of worship, including the singing of this song ‘You Are God and We Are Not’

Sleep Like a Baby

Due to our previous Four12 Conferences I thought something life changing was in store, but I expected it to be more of a ‘heart change’ than a ‘physical change’…

Quote Me on This

The second day in quotes: “For those of you who are Applestolic…” .The Isle of Man’s Chris Staples, coining a term for Christians who own iPhones.

No Ordinary Conference

“Wow, this has been no ordinary conference – God has moved!”- these were the words that came out of my mouth as we finished up with our 153 attendees at the Four12 Leaders Conference in Keetmanshoop, Nambia.

My Small, Safe Island

I was born on the ‘small and safe Isle of Man where there is nothing to do’ (or so many Manx kids believe), where we have headline news like ‘Several pints of milk have been stolen from a doorstep.’

A Letter To You, Saint

I wanted to give you all a quick heads- up as to some of what I am trusting will take place during ‘our’ (Four12) times together. We are trusting for much in God as you step out and be a part of any of the amazing outreaches, conferences and equipping ‘events’ coming up in 2016.

Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 3 THE NUMBERS

22 500: The approximate number of hairs that make up Chad Lahana’s beard. On a day when our awesome ladies had a chance to minister from up front, it was appropriate that the man who led worship had enough testosterone to counter-balance all of them. The guy is an absolute legend, and his beard deserves its own ID number…

Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 2 IN LIMERICK FORM

In honour of our friends from the Isle of Man, this post is written in limerick form. I probably haven’t focused so hard on a single task since high school, and I’ve basically used every rhyme possible in the English language. So without further delay, here’s the summary of day 2…