Connect Europe

For a week in February, leaders from churches across Europe gathered in Switzerland. Nations represented covered Switzerland, Isle of Man, UK, Poland, Spain and Romania.

Building Biblical Partnerships

Does it matter how we relate with the broader church of God? If so, how should we?

Shot at Point-Blank Range

I didn’t know who had shot me so I was fearful of them coming back for me and trying to kill me again. I was hooked on cocaine and heroin and all the things that go along with that lifestyle.

New Name, New Life

We are a small church but growing steadily and with an amazing hunger for the Presence of the Lord. I am consistently getting feedback from people of how loved they feel.

Call Me an Optimist

I believe the same applies to local churches. One church breaking through into more can have a radical impact on the mindsets of so many others. One church partnering properly

When Sheep Bite

Chris Staples gives some advice for those who pastor God’s flock, “there are times that… it is from the very people whom we serve that we are grievously wounded and betrayed.”