The Role of the Apostolic

Andrew brings clarity to the role of the Apostolic in the life of the local church.

Practical Points for Partnering

How can local churches partner with Ephesians 4 gifts in a meaningful way?

Partnering & Mutual Submission – Part 2

How can we achieve accountability beyond the local church that is not either stifling control or a form of accountability that really means nothing in practice?

When Your Church Goes Through Transition

What should you expect if your church has a change in leadership or transitions into a new apostolic partnership?

When Your Pastor Goes Rogue…

What should we do if we find ourselves in a church governed by a leader who has become a law unto himself?

No Rosy Romance

And I know some of you are wondering and asking the question:” How has the experience been so far?” Well to start with I have to confess, I do normally enjoy camping, but only for a few days and then I want to go home!! So to be dead honest, in the physical it hasn’t all been rosy and romantic.