The Pool Party

When a global football superstar takes a bold stand for Jesus, we should take note of the bigger picture unfolding in front of us.

Rebellious to Redeemed

Matt and Stuart’s story of living with the deep guilt of a rebellious, broken life. When alcohol and drugs don’t fill the gap, can God set you free from addiction? Will God meet you at your point of need?

Fleeing Depression

Drugs, parties, girls…a downward spiral into depression, until love reached out to save him and show him authentic life. Devan shares his story of God’s saving grace with us.

From Medium to Believer

Before Julie met Jesus she was a practising psychic medium heavily involved in the occult, deceived into believing that being cursed was the only option… Watch her testimony here.

Choosing Life or Death

The doctor said I would die if I did not take the medication even though my body reacted so badly to it. She also said that I would not be able to have children, and if I did, I would end up dying due to my condition.

Is God Genocidal?

How can we reconcile the loving God of the New Testament with the God who commands whole people groups to be destroyed in the Old Testament?

Saved From Darkness

I’d been a main player in a criminal syndicate that distributed drugs to many Johannesburg night clubs, arrested multiple times for reasons ranging from assault to drugs…and even attempted murder.

Shot at Point-Blank Range

I didn’t know who had shot me so I was fearful of them coming back for me and trying to kill me again. I was hooked on cocaine and heroin and all the things that go along with that lifestyle.

Saved from Stardom

Melissa’s story is a powerful reminder to us all of the frailty of earthly ambitions, the dangers and empty pleasures of ‘all this world holds dear’ and the incredible trustworthy and ‘tested’ love of the Father.

Now Is the Time

God is using Firebrand Church to reach the lost, broken and hurting in an area of Dublin that has become known for gangsterism, drugs, murders and suicides.

A Heart like Jesus

What is it that both Christians and non-Christians hate? Evangelism! In this article, I want to look at evangelism through another lens; how to develop a heart for the lost.

Going To Dance

Covenant Life Church, Benoni just had the privilege of hosting the first ever Gauteng Regional Equipping Time all- God’s church was hungry to meet with Him and He showed up in a big way!

Before there was time…

Before there was time, before there was light. Before the earth began to turn. Before there were stars, or galaxies or the universe… There was God. And God was thinking about you.

Go On, Risk It Anyway

Bret, my husband, has the adventure gene. I have the…”sit quietly and enjoy watching the adventure” gene. Bret likes to hang off rocks, trail run down mountains at break neck speeds, and surprisingly…cook.