About the Series

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit a Person, and how do I walk with Him? What is meant by the fruits of the Spirit, and how does this differ from His gifts? In this four-part series, four speakers take a closer look at all these questions and unpack more of who the Holy Spirit is and how we can daily walk with Him.

What is the purpose of the series?

This series is intended to unpack truths about the Holy Spirit, so that every believer can draw near to Him and daily walk with Him, operating in His gifts and living lives that display the fruit of the Spirit.

Who is the series for?

This series is intended for every believer to be equipped and grow in their relationship with the Holy Spirit. Unpacking the Person & role of the Holy Spirit & how we can have more of Him in our lives.


01 Who He Is
02 His Fruit
03 His Gifts
04 Walking with Him


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