Healing Equip


Over four sessions, Andrew Selley lays the foundation of Biblical healing, equips and strengthens those with the gift of healing and releases faith amongst saints and leaders alike.

What is the purpose of the series?

The Healing Equip series exists to help restore Biblical truths on God healing today and to stir up the faith of saints, leaders and those with the gift of healing in particular. It is a tool for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

Who is the series for?

This series is for anyone who wishes to be equipped and strengthened in the gift of healing.




In this first session of the Healing Equip 2021, Andrew Selley lays a Biblical foundation for healing and challenges common misconceptions.

In the second session of the Healing Equip 2021, Andrew Selley looks at men and women in church history who have walked in the gift of healing.

In the third session of the Healing Equip 2021, Andrew Selley tackles some challenging healing questions.

In the final session of the Healing Equip 2021, Andrew Selley continues to answer challenging questions relating to healing.

Set Free

Set Free

I needed prayer and healing from my obsessive eating. I felt very convicted about looking for comfort in food and not the Lord, who had already saved me from so much darkness. As they prayed and I started repenting of my sins, the Lord began to break and release so much shame, rejection and bondage over me. I felt such a breaking open in my spirit, and such freedom began to flow over me. I have never before felt such love and joy and freedom. I have absolutely no doubt that I am now delivered and set free from that obsessive eating and so much more. Afterwards, I asked them if they would pray for the pain in my knees, ankles and feet. So they prayed for me, but nothing much changed. When we were about done, I asked them if I could pray for them. So I started praying, thanking the Lord for them and sending them to me, and as I was praying, the pain in my feet and knees just started to disappear. The Lord is so full of mercy. Since Saturday, my eating has been under control without any effort from my side, and the pain is still gone.

A Total Heart & Mind-Shift

A Total Heart & Mind-Shift

I live with an auto-immune disease and, along with it, I struggle with depression and anxiety. I knew God was going to do something in me during the Healing Equip. When people first prayed for me, I did not feel much. But then the Holy Spirit came and started working in me and surrounding me. He began working in my mind and heart, and there was such a release in certain of my thought patterns and insecurities. It was like a little straw was put in my head and God slurped it out like an iced coffee. I felt such inner peace and had such a revelation of God’s love and that He is in control and has my future in the palm of His hands. It became more than knowledge but a total shift in my mind and heart.

No More Suffering

No More Suffering

For a while, I have struggled with unforgiveness and rejection and felt a heaviness on my chest, accompanied by coughing. I had started pulling back from church because of this. I watched the Healing Equip from home on Friday and responded to one of the calls for prayer. After the prayer, I felt a little bit light but did not take much note, but the next day noticed my chest felt much lighter and I knew the Lord had delivered me. My relationship with the person I had taken offence with is also restored. Praise God that He has healed me over this weekend.

A God Who Heals

A God Who Heals

e were sitting at our Four12 equipping time on Faith and Healing in awe of God. This photo is of my six-year-old daughter upside down on the jungle gym. The profound thing is that she has been struggling with pain for eight days. The two rooms she had been in for the majority of the time was the bedroom and bathroom. She had been sick, and man, had we been praying, meditating, and yet that morning she was at the Emergency Room crying and shouting because of pain. My thoughts were even, “How can I, as her Daddy, leave for the equipping time at 12 if my daughter is in such pain?” But also realising this could be an attack from the enemy to keep me away from being equipped. How do we make a call like this? What are the answers and when will healing come to MY fragile daughter? Eight days, surely she should’ve been healed from a “tummy bug” already. Surely the medication should’ve taken the pain away. Surely the lethargic emotions should have been better by now. Surely God of creation would not do this to his 6-year-old child? Says who? God is God and I am not. He decides what He wants to do. I can trust Him because she belongs to Him before she is mine. She is healed.

Limitations Removed

Limitations Removed

Something very special has happened to me! A year ago, on 1 June 2020, I had a stroke. God had healed me to a certain degree where I could preach and walk again, but I walked with limitations and continued to suffer from a frozen shoulder. During worship at the Healing Equip on Friday evening, I noticed that both my hands were up in the air, equally extended – something I have not been able to do since the stroke. My physiotherapist, who has worked on my shoulder for over a year, was blown away and has verified this incredible healing. We can attest that God has indeed healed me!

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