About the Series

What is the Purpose of Fuel?
It is all about the Word of God!


The reason for the development of Fuel is contained in the Fuel slogan: “Love the Word. Live the Word”. The aim of this teaching series is to ignite a passion for the Word of God and to help people to dig into the Word for themselves and to find life.


  • To establish foundational biblical doctrine in the lives of every believer.
  • To help immunise against false doctrine.
  • To help equip the saints to withstand the tide of persecution that is coming.
  • To create a sense of unity as believers travel together on this journey – be it as a church or small group.
  • To introduce biblical truths to an unbeliever in a non-threatening manner and environment.
  • To equip each person to know, carry and preach the truth of God’s Word (priesthood of all believers).
What is Fuel exactly?

The Fuel video teaching focuses on the book of John. A teaching series made up of 8-15min episodes, each aimed at igniting a greater passion for the word of God. It has been developed to be played within a small group setting, followed by interactive discussions. The intention is that the discussion would be facilitated – so that everyone can be led through the journey, in order to build precept upon precept. Worksheets are provided to assist with discussion points and reflection during the week before the next session. Attendees are also provided a memory verse to learn, to help them, “hide the word in their hearts”.

Who is Fuel for?

Fuel is for every believer, as well as those who are not yet believers. Fuel is a great way for these people to be introduced to biblical concepts and truth in a non-threatening way. Fuel can also be used on an individual basis, but has been designed specifically for small groups, interaction and discussion. Adults and teenagers would benefit from the Fuel teaching series.


In this teaching series we take a closer look at the book of 1 John, with a particular focus on the main themes, and not a chapter by chapter break down or analysis.


  • The videos range from 8 -15 min in length.
  • Facilitator notes are provided to facilitators to guide them with their preparation and the major themes covered in each session.
  • Worksheets are provided for each person attending.
  • A Memory Verse is provided to assist with the hiding of God’s Word in people’s heart.

Session 1: Introduction to Fuel

This first episode gives us the answer to the question, “Why Fuel?” Throughout this episode we are introduced to our need for the Word and why we should continually be filled with the Word.  

Session 2: The Times

This episode takes a closer look at the background /context of 1 John: who the author is, where he lived, the times he lived in and why he wrote this letter – drawing a direct parallel with the world we live in today and the situations we are now facing. 

Session 3: Love

This episode explores the theme of Love: God, as a God of love, a God who is Love and a God who shows love; and how we are to love God, as well as others, not only in word and speech, but also in action and in deed.

Session 4: Truth

In this episode, sin is likened to a cavity in your tooth and how we need to deal with the cavity to prevent infection, not only in the mouth but also in the whole body. This session explores the effect of sin in our lives, both on a personal level and in the Body of Christ. Looking at the need to deal with sin (darkness) and the importance of confession and repentance (bringing it into the light).

Session 5: Holiness

This episode takes a closer look at holiness: what it means to be holy, why we should live holy lives and how to do so. 

Session 6: Family

God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6a). The importance of being part of a godly family (church) is looked at, and what this meant to the first century New Testament believers, therefore ultimately what it means for each of us today.


Salvation Message


The Fuel Series is available to Four12 Partnering Churches