About the Series

The Community Leaders Training is a 17-part series of videos accompanied by a facilitators guidebook that can be used alongside each video session. The purpose of this training is to equip community leaders to facilitate smaller, more intimate family times and make the elders’ vision more concrete within communities.

Who is the Series for?

While the series is aimed at every saint as a resource, it is beneficial for deacons and community group leaders as they seek to disciple the saints and stir up a culture of community amongst the believers. We highly recommend that the Community Leaders Training as a series be watched in local leadership teams.

01  Make the Vision Concrete
02  Stung by Killer Bees
03  Carrying It Lightly
04  The Goldilocks Principle
05  Doing Life Together
06  McDonald’s or Steak?
07  War & Peace
08  Only Mules & Horses
09  The Schwarzenegger Effect
10  The Role of Accountability
11  The Red Ferrari
12  Coffee – Not Just a Klappucino
13  Leading vs Managing
14  Your Voice or His?
15  Pavement Chocolate Cake
16  The Left Behind
17  Counting the Cost


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