About the Devotional

Why The Road to Salvation?

This resource begins with the triumphal ending of the Gospel story, Christ risen and death defeated. What a wonderful way to be introduced to the Gospel of Christ, being reminded that in Him we are triumphant and once we have surrendered ourselves to His Lordship, we too are victorious! The heart behind this resource is to lead individuals into a deeper understanding of the work of the Cross and the after effects of Christ’s resurrection in our lives. Biblically based, this is a great resource for discipleship and even church-wide bible study.

What is the purpose?

The Road to Salvation is a bible study that can be used as a resource leading up to Good Friday. This however, is not the only time it can be used. The Road to Salvation is an effective and useful tool when helping saints, and even unbelievers, to better understand the effect the Cross has on history and even more importantly, our own lives.

How is it presented?

The Road to Salvation is presented as a series of 7 articles focusing primarily on the Easter story. Each article expands the narrative as it focusses on specific aspects of the events that led to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Triumphant, Rejected, Betrayed, Accused, Crucifixion, Buried and Risen take you on a journey of better understanding crucial aspects of the road to Salvation.

Who is it for?

This is a wonderful resource for any believer. From a lead elder to a new born Christian, this resource can be used to deepen your love for Christ and that of those around you.


1  Triumphant

Jesus has triumped over everything, and we are invited to share in His victory.

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2  Rejected

Jesus was rejected so that we can find forgiveness and acceptance into His family.

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3  Betrayed

When we are unfaithful God remains faithful.

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4  Accused

Jesus was judged by men, but He was justified by God.

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5  Crucified

Jesus was sinless and died for our sins on the cross.

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6  Buried

Jesus’ burial means that we can let go of our interest in this world, and that the world can lose its interest in us.

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7  Risen

Because Jesus rose again, we too can rise to eternal life.

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