The Ministry & Role of the Apostle

by Andrew Selley

“My hope is that this booklet becomes a tool that will be used to build the church of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God.”

Michael Swain writes:
“As someone who has been part of an apostolic ministry for over 20 years, I have yet to read a better summary of this gift.  This booklet comes at an opportune time, stripping away all the “hype and hoopla” with a clear exposition of the characteristics of apostolic ministry as seen in the New Testament. “

Andrew Selley says:
“I am massively indebted to men such as Dudley Daniel, Chris Wienand and Tom Tapping, who shaped me, moulded me, and were used powerfully by God to bring many churches into a greater revelation of who God is, all to a greater health and maturity and leading to a deeper unity.  I consider these men like Dudley to be apostles, raised by God with a message and a mandate to restore the apostolic to the church. This they did faithfully and powerfully, impacting many thousands of churches around the world.”

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