Small Group Leaders Training

by Mike Davies

Community (Small) Groups should be thriving, living, life-giving organisms, with leaders who partner with the Holy Spirit in bringing about the fullest conceivable expression of Kingdom Life into their part of the earth.”

This booklet is not so much a ‘how-to’ guide as it is a sharing of the heart behind small groups and their role in building authentic community within the church. Community is only meaningful when it is organic and sincere, and extends into our ‘real life’. To this purpose, we will be referring to small groups as ‘Community Groups’, in the hope that you will see them as not just a mid-week meeting, but as a springboard into a far more tangible experience of community. This booklet aims to empower you, the small group leader, to be led by the Holy Spirit in discipling and equipping others.

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First Edition July 2017, Cape Town