Following Jesus

by Adam Hellyer

Following Jesus is a booklet series written with new-believers in mind. Each book focuses on one aspect of following Jesus. Trust is about coming to faith. Obey takes you through the commands of Jesus, given in the sermon on the mount. Defend introduces some well tested defenses for Christian faith. Grow* encourages a new believer to move beyond a milk diet, and get stuck into the meat of the Bible.

The material is not dated, so it is flexible for any discipleship situation. The books are designed to be viewed and shared easily on mobile devices. Each book is divided into short topics,intended for use in one-on-one discipleship, or with a group of new believers. Each topic has Bible passages to reada short teaching to make you think, some points to discuss with a frienda Bible verse to memorise, and a guide on how to pray about that topic.

No book or book series can replace the Bible. This series is written, not to replace your personal Bible reading, but to get you excited about reading the Bible for yourself, and talking about it with friends. You don’t need to have studied or become a leader to take someone else through this material. Just grab a coffee, open your Bible, and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

*Grow will be available soon.


Currently Following Jesus is only available in International English. If you would like to translate this material into your local language, please contact the publishers at

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