The Pool Party

When a global football superstar takes a bold stand for Jesus, we should take note of the bigger picture unfolding in front of us.

The War on Culture

To control a population, you must first control the population’s minds…

Kanye and the King

Could it be that the grace of God could even reach Kanye?

Kissing Jesus Goodbye

What lessons can we learn for our own journey of faith when we see hugely influential leaders crash and burn?

The Non-Existent Online Church

To be part of a local church is to be in each other’s lives, in each other’s spaces, in each other’s affections.

Contend for the Faith

Society has no stomach for any opinion but its own. But the Christian is called to believe and speak what the Bible teaches.

The Collision

As Christians there is a fine line between provoking trouble and experiencing the kind of opposition that Jesus experienced.

White Privilege and Cultural Marxism

The Church faces some complex challenges right now with the popularization of secular ideologies on race and racism which have crossed over into the Church.

Disciples of Jesus, not YouTube

Modern media platforms have sometimes produced malformed Christians. How can we avoid some of the pitfalls of online teaching content.

The Watchmaker

Anything showing evidence of design implies evidence of a designer. Creation shows evidence of design.

Saints on Social Media

A third of the planet use social media. As saints, if we are to participate in this worldwide phenomenon, how can we best represent Christ and what are some of the pitfalls to avoid?

Making Sense of Stephen Hawking

Why is it that the brightest minds often miss the simple truths?

Addicted to Distraction

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Technologies can be very helpful tools, or they can make for unhealthy Christians.

The Chicken or the Egg

The ‘Cosmological argument’ remains one of the most compelling philosophical arguments for the existence of God which also happens to be in the Bible. Lets take a closer look.

Understanding Judaism

What is God’s plan for the Jews and how can we engage them in a meaningful way?

14 Million Reasons to Be Content

A student who checked her bank account for her monthly food allowance of R1400, only to find she’d been given R14 million…

Understanding Atheism

What makes a person an Atheist and how can we help?

Humanism’s Dark Secret

When “man is the measure of all things” what are the implications for morality and ethics in society?

How to Save a Life

When one of the most successful artists of his generation can no longer find meaning in being alive, his death proves that a hopeless culture is more ready than ever to hear the truth.

Dark Age or Golden Age?

The writers of the Enlightenment, with inflated sense of accomplishment christened the previous Church-dominated era ‘The Dark Ages’.

The Age of Reason

If God created our ability to think, how does our reason relate to our faith and how is rationality viewed in society today?

Movie Review: The Case For Christ

‘Christian movies’ often have good intentions but don’t enjoy positive critical reviews. How does this one fair?

To God or Not to God

In a world which has such a diversity of philosophies and religions, how can we be sure that Jesus represents the truth?

Does a Fish Know it is Wet?

The way we see the world is shaped by the context we have been raised in. What can we do about it?

Is it Bad to be Big?

Is a big church a fulfillment of the ‘Great Commission’ or is it a shallower version of what church should be?

‘The Shack’ Reviewed

The best-selling book called ‘The Shack’ will soon be released as a movie. Here is what you should know…

La La Love

What values are subtly shaping our thinking in pop culture today?

Candy, Costumes and Evil

But aren’t the costumes all just harmless fun for children? And if grown-ups want to dress as a sexy witch or dapper vampire, what’s wrong with that?

Shrimp and Sideburns – Defending Bible Morality

“The Bible presents a problem for some people. They ask, how can God expect you to follow a book that says to stone adulterers, grow your sideburns, and never eat bacon?” Adam Hellyer explains.

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead 2

Shaun reviews ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ and speaks about some of the relevant issues it highlights.

God Wears Clothes

People are pushing for public nudity to be more acceptable. Pornography is everywhere and film and TV love to use sex and nudity to add excitement to the entertainment on our screens. But is this a culture we should embrace?

The Danger of Christian Catchphrases

“When I left advertising to become a full-time pastor I thought I was done with catchphrases. Turns out I wasn’t…”

Hold the Phone

What does a servant of Jesus do with the sheer amount of content available to us, which is able to literally fill every waking hour?

Batman v Superman v God

The current crop of superhero movies aren’t interested in creating an elevated view of God; they’re dragging the very notion of Him down to earth.

Puzzled Worshipper

“How do I know what Christian music is ‘good’ to be listening to and worshipping with? What should I listen out for, and do you have any really ‘sound’ recommendations?”