As Four12, our desire is to teach and live out authentic New Testament Christianity. Whilst there are some good resources available to the church today, much of what is out there is either unhelpful or unhealthy. To counteract this, these articles carry the theology, vision and values of authentic Biblical Christianity. Each has been written for the equipping of both leaders and saints.


Behold, My Stuff!

Where are you storing up your treasures?

14 Million Reasons to Be Content

What is the ‘secret’ of contentment, in a world full of restlessness and turmoil?

Love People, Use Things 

Navigating Black Friday deals and Christmas holidays that so often bring consumerist insanity and ungodly frenzied spending.

How to Grow in Spiritual Authority

Spiritual authority cannot be conjured up; it comes from God.

Passing the Tests

Within the Kingdom of God, God places tests in front of us, not to fail us, but to mature us.

A Good Friend of God

You may be a friend of God, but are you a good friend to God?

Discipline & Grace

Understanding Godly disciplines like reading the Bible, community, fellowship and prayer in light of grace.

Feminism & Christianity

A Biblical view on womanhood.

The Roots of Feminism

Reflecting on the roots of feminism and its key thinkers.

Tricks, Treats & Compromise

Why do we have such a hard time separating ourselves from the world?

Candy, Costumes & Evil

Aren’t the Halloween costumes all just harmless fun for children?

Training to Be Godly

Three Principles on How We Can Train to be Godly.

Fear Not

The power of God’s Word to conquer fear.

Sexual Sin in the Church | #BeEquipped

Why tolerating sexual sin is satan’s silent strategy to disarm the church.

Le rôle vital des diacres

by Mike Davies READ IN ENGLISH « Frères et sœurs, choisissez parmi vous sept hommes de qui l’on rende un bon témoignage, remplis d’Esprit (saint) et de sagesse, et nous les chargerons de ce travail … » Actes 6.3 (S21)   Le chapitre 6 des Actes a été un moment décisif dans la vie de l’église primitive. Après une période …

The Vital Role Deacons Play

How should we recognise and release deacons in the church?

Online Church, What’s Missing?

Five things you can’t do as online church.

Obedient Disobedience | #BeEquipped

When the nation’s laws are at odds with the commands of God, who do we obey?

Happily Ever After

What are the foundations for a marriage that lasts?

Those Heartache Days

How to handle heartache and trauma when it comes.

Join the Club

How not to become a member of a church.

Relationships Under Fire

We all need grace.

Diversity in Leaders | #BeEquipped

Should church leadership be representative of different groups?

When Elders Clash | #BeEquipped

The importance of unity in diversity.

How to Live Accountable Lives

Accountability is a way of living from the overflow of friendship, a vulnerability on both sides.

Don’t Judge Me | #BeEquipped

Why accountability is not others meddling with your life.

How to Test False Prophets

What to do when signs and accuracy are not enough to show authenticity.

The Danger of the Seven Mountains Mandate & Dominionism

Why is it vital that the church remembers its mission in the world?

Q&A on the Prophetic | #BeEquipped

Addressing common questions about the prophetic.

False Prophecies & Trump, What Now?

How should the church respond when so many prophets got it wrong?

Reckoning With Ravi

What we can learn from the fall of Ravi Zacharias.

What Ravi Taught Us | #BeEquipped

Tackling the tough questions when Christian leaders fall.

Signs of Immaturity

How to avoid being tossed to and fro by various winds of doctrine.

Dunk or Sprinkle?

What is the pattern of Scripture when it comes to water baptism?

Our Father in Heaven

Why prayer is powerful.

Why Do We Fast & Pray?

Fasting 101 – a necessary spiritual discipline.

The Pride of Life

Pennies, Petticoats & Power – Part 3

Lust of the Flesh

Pennies, Petticoats & Power – Part 2

Lust of the Eyes

Pennies, Petticoats & Power – Part 1

Jesus and Jingle Bells

Each Christmas, fact meets fiction and sacred meets secular. So what are the people of God supposed to do in the middle of it all?

Growing in the Gift of Wisdom

There are many clever people who are called ‘fools’ by Scripture!

Is Family God’s Design?

Why is the family unit worth fighting for, and what is at stake?

What Do Elders Do?

The role of an elder in the local church.

What Does It Take to Be an Elder?

What does God require and what expectations are just a hangover from worldly thinking?

In Light of Eternity

We are not going to live forever.

Who Appoints Elders?

The role of the apostolic in choosing leaders.

Changed in His Presence

In God’s presence is fullness of joy. While we can so often experience God’s provision, power and purpose, God has even more to reveal in His presence.

Cancel Culture

Have you heard about ‘cancel culture’? Are you wondering if it is biblical? Watch this video from Andrew Selley to learn more.

Without Masks

When we choose to live honestly and allow people into our lives to see who we really are it creates an opportunity for true Christian fellowship.

True Repentance

True repentance is a crucial aspect of finding the grace of God, but what does true repentance look like?

Lord of Our Living Spaces

It’s not wrong to love our own space, but let’s also remember that our homes are a gift from God to see His kingdom come on this earth.

‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’ Review

Everyone wants to know the secret to life, but when a movie claims to know the answer, it would be better to run away and towards the Word of God.

Lessons Learned During Lockdown

Jesus has been busy during lockdown. He has been refining His bride and bringing us back to what is truly essential.

Reflecting His Beauty

What does the Bible say to women about femininity & beauty?

Can Your Faith Stand the Test?

How is your faith holding up in the current global crisis?

The Almost Joys of Online Church

Lockdown has caused us to re-examine what church is & has given us a new joy in what we took for granted.

The Sign of the Cross

How did the sign of the cross become the symbol of our faith?

What Can Psalm 91 Teach Us?

What truths can we appropriate for our own lives as New Covenant believers from Psalm 91?

Going Viral

The people of God have never been promised perfect health, but we have been promised perfect peace.

Forget Not All His Benefits

We rarely stop in our busy lives to tell our souls why it is SO good to be a Christian.

Our Guiding Satellites

Making big decisions can be very intimidating, how can we be sure we are hearing God’s voice?

Women in Ministry – a Response

This article was written in response to a number of queries we have received regarding an article by Kris Valloton called, ‘4 Reasons Why Women Are Oppressed In The Church (And Why It’s Not Okay)’.

Pushing Back Against Divorce

“This article has been difficult to write because I have been a pastor long enough to see how difficult some marriages are and how tragic divorce can be.”

How To Do a Topic Study

So you want to study up on a particular topic in the Bible – where should you begin?

The Pool Party

When a global football superstar takes a bold stand for Jesus, we should take note of the bigger picture unfolding in front of us.

Raising Children to Obey God

How can we raise children who will become responsible, God-fearing adults?

How To Do a Bible-Study

How can you get more out of your time in the Word?

No Durians

We are called to have a divine fragrance, but our fragrance will be pretty divisive. Not everyone is going to like you!

Grace in the Wilderness

What purpose does God have for leading us into the wilderness?

The Role of Reason

God gave us reason for a reason, so why is it that our desire to understand God so often causes us to stumble in our faith?

Kanye and the King

Could it be that the grace of God could even reach Kanye?

Take a Day Off!

The principle of a sabbath day is perhaps best described as a wasted gift…

Revival – Do It Again Lord

After a recent trip to revisit the events of the 1859 Ulster Revival, we sense the Lord calling us to believe that he desires to once again pour out the Holy Spirit in revival.

Falling Away Through False Teaching

What kind of signs should we look for in order to identify false teaching?

The Role of the Apostolic

Andrew brings clarity to the role of the Apostolic in the life of the local church.

Joining Jesus outside the Camp

I want us to consider a question, “If Jesus was physically walking around your city today, where would you find him?”

What If Some Were Unfaithful?

What if our friends who once walked with God walk away from Him? Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?

When God Gives You a New Name

What is the significance of God giving us a new name?

Dreaming of Heaven

Go ahead, meditate on the glories of heaven for five minutes and see if it doesn’t transform your whole outlook for the day.

Safety Gates for Marriage

Like any other change you want to achieve in life, it takes time, effort and energy to create a marriage you love being in.

Kissing Jesus Goodbye

What lessons can we learn for our own journey of faith when we see hugely influential leaders crash and burn?

The Art of Hospitality in the Age of Isolation

Our churches and homes are not to be walled castles keeping people out, but welcoming households drawing people in.

The Non-Existent Online Church

To be part of a local church is to be in each other’s lives, in each other’s spaces, in each other’s affections.

Gym for Your Soul

Our discipline with our thoughts and emotions in the face of a thousand different pressures and temptations is what transforms us into mature spiritual athletes.

Contend for the Faith

Society has no stomach for any opinion but its own. But the Christian is called to believe and speak what the Bible teaches.

Is God Genocidal?

How can we reconcile the loving God of the New Testament with the God who commands whole people groups to be destroyed in the Old Testament?

A Word That’s Not in the Bible

Where is ‘accountability’ in the Bible?

Quitting Wrinkles the Soul

In days gone by we used to fix things that were broken rather than simply replacing them. How can we be people who endure and see brokenness restored?

God vs Mammon

Our money and possessions can either be a terrible master or an effective servant in our lives.

Single but not Alone

Do we truly believe that singleness is a high calling of God? Let’s look at singleness from a Biblical perspective.

How Does Jesus Fix Racism?

It may seem like a very quaint Christian platitude that ‘Jesus is the remedy’ but how exactly does Jesus fix racism?

How We Position Our Hearts

Judas and Peter – both sinned terribly against Jesus. One of them was lost and the other restored. What made the difference?

A Translation You Can Trust

A frequently asked question is, ‘What is the best translation of the Bible’? And related to this, ‘Is the KJV the only trustworthy Bible?’

Practical Points for Partnering

How can local churches partner with Ephesians 4 gifts in a meaningful way?

The Collision

As Christians there is a fine line between provoking trouble and experiencing the kind of opposition that Jesus experienced.

Don’t Do the Devil’s Work for Him

The Greek word for slander in Scripture is diabolos, which is the root word for Devil.

The Weapon of Unity

How can we make our unity a defensive weapon against the enemy?

Partnering & Mutual Submission – Part 2

How can we achieve accountability beyond the local church that is not either stifling control or a form of accountability that really means nothing in practice?

Partnering and Mutual Submission – Part 1

How does partnership and mutual submission play out in relating to the apostolic?


We are far more fruitful when we work together. How does this work itself out practically in our lives?

Building Biblical Partnerships

Does it matter how we relate with the broader church of God? If so, how should we?

Improving the Mind and Enriching the Soul

How is it possible to read and study the Bible in a way that can cause us to know and love God more deeply?

The Popularity Gospel

We unpack the idea that God is truly among us when we are well-known, well-liked, attractive to outsiders and having huge amounts of fun.

The Power of the Gospel

If those who have not been saved are spiritually dead, how can they respond to Christians who are ‘showing them’ what it is like to follow Jesus?

Surviving Seminary

Studying theology comes with its own dangers. How can I avoid bad company and study the Word for maximum fruitfulness?

Are You Ready to Plant a Church?

“We need many more ‘healthy’ local churches in every nation across the world today, but the key word is ‘healthy’.”

White Privilege and Cultural Marxism

The Church faces some complex challenges right now with the popularization of secular ideologies on race and racism which have crossed over into the Church.

Hope, the Anchor for Our Souls

If we are to avoid being dashed against the rocks or shipwrecking our faith, we need a sure and steadfast anchor!

Disciples of Jesus, not YouTube

Modern media platforms have sometimes produced malformed Christians. How can we avoid some of the pitfalls of online teaching content.

Real Christians Never Disagree

Real Christians never disagree… right? God desires us to walk in unity but does this mean we need to agree on everything to do so?

Being Christ to Your Wife

As husbands, there are times when our wives will speak harshly to us. How can we respond in a way which honours Christ?

The Watchmaker

Anything showing evidence of design implies evidence of a designer. Creation shows evidence of design.

Finding Secret Strength

As believers we will often find ourselves feeling exposed and vulnerable. How can we remain consistent and temperate through the worst of times?

Don’t Be a Drifter

The Christian life is not like an airport travelator, it is more like a treadmill.

What We Get to Do

Imagine being there with Jesus, in that monumental moment in history, as he gave them His marching orders – to continue the work He started with His birth, ministry, death and resurrection.

Is Work Sacred?

What should our attitude be toward ‘secular’ work? Is secular work also sacred?

I See that Hand

How can we give those who respond to the gospel the very best start on their new journey?

How to Protect Your Husband

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. How can we act to love and protect our husbands, even in moments of conflict or stress?

Religion, Relationship and Reality

“It’s not religion – it’s relationship.” What do we mean by this popular phrase, and is it true?

Is Your Doctrine Getting in the Way of God?

Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, allowed his doctrine to get in the way of God moving in his life. Have you?

Saints on Social Media

A third of the planet use social media. As saints, if we are to participate in this worldwide phenomenon, how can we best represent Christ and what are some of the pitfalls to avoid?

When Prayers Don’t Get Answered

Why does our experience often seem so contrary to the simplicity of the promise, the promise that when we request help from God, He will supply it?

Coffee: a Key to Healthy Church

We cannot disciple people from the pulpit alone. Mike shares some keys on coffee-shop discipleship.

How to Protect Your Wife

As we represent Christ in marriage and our wives represent the Church, our protection of our wives should encompass much more than just physical protection.

A Lesson in Leadership

“He took his moment. It was the opportunity to be brave and to lead by example, and it caused him to bring the same out of others.”

Contending for the Faith, Today

The responsibility to “contend for the faith” is given to every generation and we are no exception.

Jesus: Mad, Bad or God

Because of the controversial claims which Jesus made about himself, we are confronted with this trilemma, was he mad, bad or God?

Who is Really Offending You?

Each one of us will occasionally miss God’s message to us because of our misgivings regarding the messenger that God chooses to speak through.

When Your Church Goes Through Transition

What should you expect if your church has a change in leadership or transitions into a new apostolic partnership?

The Symphony of Unity

Through our harmony, the Church has been called to display the God-head, to dispel the darkness and dispense the kingdom of God.

You Need No Man to Teach You

Doesn’t the Bible teach that the Holy Spirit has made human teachers and leaders redundant?

Out with the Old?

A Christianity divorced from the Old Testament God might be more comfortable, but it’s called heresy, and the true Church will not put up with it.

When Your Pastor Goes Rogue…

What should we do if we find ourselves in a church governed by a leader who has become a law unto himself?

How Not to Follow

People tend to fall into two extremes when following leadership. What are they and how can we avoid these pitfalls?

The Church’s Responsibility to the Poor

Watch this clip by Andrew Selley as he unpacks a Biblical understanding of the church’s responsibility to the poor.

Jesus, Fact or Fiction

It is trendy these days to question or deny the existence of Jesus. But what does history really tell about the life of Jesus?

Leadership That Reflects Christ

Most of us know that we need to reflect Jesus to the world but what does that mean as we work together in team?

When Truths Collide

The bible is full of paradoxes. These “opposing truths” are often presented without any explanation of how such ideas can be reconciled but which are both true– just like the nature of light!

How God Guides Us

If we learn to discern God’s gentle nudgings we can save ourselves much pain.

Bringing Church Into Our Homes

Many churches today spend a lot of time creating the “perfect” Sunday meeting but they neglect the importance of a culture where believers meet daily in one another’s homes.

Jesus, Dead or Alive

If Jesus only lived and died, He is of no consequence. The resurrection of Jesus, then, is so essential to the gospel that if it is not true, Christianity is not true.

Making Sense of Stephen Hawking

Why is it that the brightest minds often miss the simple truths?

Jobs Which Christians Should Not Do

How can we know which jobs are inappropriate for Christians?

How to Love People Well – Part 2

It’s normal for us to be secretly pleased when something unfortunate happens to someone we don’t like. But that is one of the many things that love doesn’t do.

How to Love People Well – Part 1

People are wonderful. They are also time consuming. They can be inconvenient, hurtful, inconsistent and often ungrateful…

What vs Why

It’s not just ‘what’ we do that counts, it’s ‘why’ we do it.

A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots

Ever heard someone say about a person who has unmistakably clear character flaws and is stuck in negative patterns, be it in their thinking or actions – “A leopard can’t change its spots.”

When Is it Right to Judge Others?

Too often, in misunderstanding Jesus’ words, Christians tiptoe around the elephant in the room that causes broken relationships and conflict.

Proactively Ordering Your Life

When it comes to a life of fruitfulness that brings glory to the Father, good intentions just don’t cut it.

Un Partenariat Apostolique Authentique – Partie 3

Andrew Selley explore plusieurs tendances associées au ‘réseau apostolique’ et s’interroge sur le bien fondé de la volonté de ‘se développer toujours plus’, et leur impact sur l’Église.

Authentic Apostolic Partnerships – Part 3

Andrew Selley examines several trends in what are commonly referred to as “apostolic networks” such as the “growth at all cost” mentality and how these impact on church health.

Un Partenariat Apostolique Authentique – Partie 2

Ce second chapitre, présenté par Andrew Selley, nous donne de plus amples détails sur la signification de l’expression moderne ‘réseau apostolique’, et caractérise les fondements d’une relation apostolique si précieuse à l’Église en ces temps mouvementés.

Authentic Apostolic Partnerships – Part 2

Andrew Selley continues to unpack what is meant by the contemporary term “apostolic network” and discusses what is urgently needed from an Apostolic relationship in order for our churches to navigate the storms of our times.

Un Partenariat Apostolique Authentique – Partie 1

Dans cette première partie, Andrew Selley nous présente son point de vue sur l’expression moderne ‘réseau apostolique’, souvent rejeté à tort, et nous explique comment identifier un ‘partenariat apostolique’ véritable.

Authentic Apostolic Partnerships – Part 1

Andrew Selley investigates the contemporary term “apostolic network” along with the unhealthy perceptions that often underpin it and gives some keys on how to recognise an authentic “apostolic partnership”.

An Opportune Time

The devil couldn’t gain a hold over Jesus’ heart or mind because Jesus was given over to God first. He didn’t gallivant around doing His own thing and then try to resist the devil.

Caring for your Soul – Part 3

The way we process rejection can cause untold damage to our souls. How can we allow God’s healing into our hearts?

Caring for Your Soul – Part 2

What lies have I believed about the Father and how has this thinking shaped my life?

Caring for Your Soul – Part 1

If your soul is secure in Christ then you will be totally content, safe and secure, even in the midst of severe opposition.

Addicted to Distraction

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Technologies can be very helpful tools, or they can make for unhealthy Christians.

The Chicken or the Egg

The ‘Cosmological argument’ remains one of the most compelling philosophical arguments for the existence of God which also happens to be in the Bible. Lets take a closer look.

Lost in Translation

The gift of tongues is a mysterious gift that is frequently misused and misunderstood.

Understanding Judaism

What is God’s plan for the Jews and how can we engage them in a meaningful way?

Sickness and Sin

Is sickness a consequence of sin? Does my unbelief prevent my healing?

Miracles & Mystery

The Kingdom can sometimes be quite confusing. Should we expect the miraculous, or misery?

Understanding Atheism

What makes a person an Atheist and how can we help?

Humanism’s Dark Secret

When “man is the measure of all things” what are the implications for morality and ethics in society?

The Rewards of Suffering

We are all well aware that we need grace to endure suffering! But do you know about that grace that comes through suffering?

How to Save a Life

When one of the most successful artists of his generation can no longer find meaning in being alive, his death proves that a hopeless culture is more ready than ever to hear the truth.

How to Read Wisely

Reading Christian books can often be confusing and unhelpful. How can we choose and read wisely?

No Longer a Goat

This ‘sheep-fold’ analogy is such a common metaphor that when you come across it in Scripture you may not even stop to ponder – ‘Why are the righteous like sheep, and why are good leaders like good shepherds?’

Dark Age or Golden Age?

The writers of the Enlightenment, with inflated sense of accomplishment christened the previous Church-dominated era ‘The Dark Ages’.

The Age of Reason

If God created our ability to think, how does our reason relate to our faith and how is rationality viewed in society today?

Old Testament vs New Testament Prophecy

How has the role of the prophet changed in the New Covenant?

Movie Review: The Case For Christ

‘Christian movies’ often have good intentions but don’t enjoy positive critical reviews. How does this one fair?

Scrapping the Old Testament

The Old Testament can easily be ignored and ‘discarded’ in the modern day church. How can we treat it with the respect that it deserves?

To God or Not to God

In a world which has such a diversity of philosophies and religions, how can we be sure that Jesus represents the truth?

Does a Fish Know it is Wet?

The way we see the world is shaped by the context we have been raised in. What can we do about it?

Should Christians Fear God?

Many modern teachers tell us that to fear God means that we are in awe of Him. Is this true?

Motivations of the Heart

Sometimes times of testing can reveal hidden motivations…

Is it Bad to be Big?

Is a big church a fulfillment of the ‘Great Commission’ or is it a shallower version of what church should be?

The Real Thing

If you need to call attention to the fact that you are Christian, something is wrong!

When Families Fall Apart

How can we develop families which look different to the world?

Parenting in a Contrary Culture

As parents we compete with many other influences in our children’s lives. How can we lead them in Christ’s ways?

‘The Shack’ Reviewed

The best-selling book called ‘The Shack’ will soon be released as a movie. Here is what you should know…

Building Not Just Blessing

Many Christians busy themselves with godly activities, but how do we produce fruit that lasts?

Compartmentalizing Christ

Kingdom living can be quite a juggle sometimes. How do we live out a healthy, Christ-centered life?

A Covenantal Kind of Love

What does the Bible have to say about covenant and how does that relate to my marriage? Let’s have a look.

Married on Purpose

How can I have a marriage that is meaningful?

La La Love

What values are subtly shaping our thinking in pop culture today?

The Untouchables

Have you ever considered an unbeliever and struggled to find the confidence that they could ever be truly transformed?

Building with Blessings or Bricks

God has included us in his plan to build his kingdom. Here is what he has in mind.

“Sorry Sir, This is Going to Hurt!”

What kind of life should we expect as followers of Christ?

A Disciple of Christ

Being a Christian means being a disciple of Christ. But what implications does this have for my life?

Treasure, what Treasure?

“Treasure hunting” is a popular phrase that Christians use to describe prophetic evangelism. What does the Bible say, is this helpful?

Playing Music – That’s Not How the Song Goes

A song is usually just a vehicle to get the worshipers to worship. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

“Contradictions” in the Bible

What should we do when two verses in the Bible seem to plainly contradict each other and Christians are divided?

Playing Music – Once More With Feeling

Volume, loud and quiet, the dynamic range are part of the music. We need to learn to use them.

Playing Music – The P Word

In order to be brilliant as a musician you need to spend time with your instrument. You need to spend time with music…

Playing Music – Skillfully

It is important for any musician who wants to use their gift for God, to honour God by practising and growing in musical knowledge and skill.

Why Do We Sing Spontaneously?

“Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise in the assembly of the saints.” Psalm 149:1

Why We Bow and Kneel?

Bowing the lowest is a visible sign of submission, a humbling of yourself before another. Kneeling completes the logical progression.

Why Do We Clap Our Hands?

Today if you have never clapped your hands and shouted in triumph, take the plunge!

Why Do We Lift Our Hands?

When we come to God in worship lifting our hands is a physical demonstration of the surrender in our heart and mind to His Lordship.

Worship God for Who He Is

To worship God is beautiful. That God receives our adoration should be reward enough.

Why Do We Worship?

Worship is more than singing; it is a state of mind and condition of the heart.

Jewish Roots (Part Two) – Jesus or Yeshua?

In this second part of our discussion of the ‘Jewish Roots’ movement we examine the claim that we should be praying to ‘Yeshua’ not ‘Jesus’.

The ‘Jewish Roots’ Movement and Its Mistakes…

Should we be praying to “Yeshua” as Gentile believers? Are there deeper mysteries to be discovered in the original Hebrew text?

For the Bible Tells Me So

How far is too far in accommodating the message of the Gospel to the modern post-Christian audience?

The Bible – Inspiration, Preservation & Application

Adam shares an apologetic on why the Bible can still be trusted and valued in the modern era.


Ryan unpacks what it is going to take for the church to be the unstoppable force which Christ has made us to be.

Speaking From the Grave

Michael d’Offay recounts a few stories from the rich history of the church and how they illuminate the modern day struggles of the church.

What Are the Marks of a True Apostle?

Andrew addresses some common objections to the notion of a “modern day apostle”.

Shrimp and Sideburns – Defending Bible Morality

“The Bible presents a problem for some people. They ask, how can God expect you to follow a book that says to stone adulterers, grow your sideburns, and never eat bacon?” Adam Hellyer explains.

What is an Ephesians 4 Gift?

In this article we examine the difference between having a spiritual gifting and being an Ephesians 4 gift which God gives to bless the church.

When Sheep Bite

Chris Staples gives some advice for those who pastor God’s flock, “there are times that… it is from the very people whom we serve that we are grievously wounded and betrayed.”

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead 2

Shaun reviews ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ and speaks about some of the relevant issues it highlights.

The “Therapeutic Gospel”

“Giving someone this message is like arming a soldier with a wooden sword”. Mike expounds on yet another popular fake Gospel doing the rounds.

The Apostolic Through the Ages

The office of the apostle is not a recent fad, it is as old as the church itself. Mike Davies reflects on the apostolic influence through church history.

The “Self-Improvement Gospel”

A symptom of the ‘Self-Improvement Gospel’ – When you see other Christians struggling, you sometimes think: “they are not committed; they must get their act together; they must be devoted.”

God Wears Clothes

People are pushing for public nudity to be more acceptable. Pornography is everywhere and film and TV love to use sex and nudity to add excitement to the entertainment on our screens. But is this a culture we should embrace?

A New Believer’s Survival Guide

As a lion’s eye always locks onto the new-born calf in the herd, the strategy of Satan is to crush the life of God when it is still young and vulnerable.

Authentic Church versus Consumer Church

Be sure that you’re actually seeking to belong to Jesus’ church and not simply a manmade club.

The Money-Handlers

One aspect of Paul’s ministry that is often overlooked is the value he placed on the integrity of handling finance and administration. Here are 5 guiding principles for leadership and those handling finance.

The Danger of Christian Catchphrases

“When I left advertising to become a full-time pastor I thought I was done with catchphrases. Turns out I wasn’t…”

What is the Unforgivable Sin?

Because we cherish the work and person of the Holy Spirit, often the question comes up about the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. “How do I know if I have committed the unforgivable sin?”

My Beers and My Bro’s

With an ever changing drinking culture all around us, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at how kingdom culture should look as well.

A Heart like Jesus

What is it that both Christians and non-Christians hate? Evangelism! In this article, I want to look at evangelism through another lens; how to develop a heart for the lost.

An Easy Life or a Blessed Life?

The danger of equating material comfort with the favour of God is very real. Likewise, to suggest that suffering is a sign of His disapproval is an overly simplistic and dangerous line of thinking…

Hold the Phone

What does a servant of Jesus do with the sheer amount of content available to us, which is able to literally fill every waking hour?

Why Do We Lay Hands?

Some think the laying on of hands are one of those new charismatic practices. But in fact, it’s as old as the Bible itself and part of the ABC’s of orthodox Christian faith.

Those That Prophesy Will Always Be Students

Here are some strong biblical reasons why anyone who wants to prophesy must be committed to learning and growing.

Songs For Now

There is a song for now. In the same way that certain scriptures, words and phrases, take on new significance in different seasons, so our songs need to reflect what God is doing in the times we are in.

Who is Holding Your Arms Up?

As we will see with Moses, even if you are very gifted, God has His way of reminding us that we need to depend on others.

Before there was time…

Before there was time, before there was light. Before the earth began to turn. Before there were stars, or galaxies or the universe… There was God. And God was thinking about you.

Batman v Superman v God

The current crop of superhero movies aren’t interested in creating an elevated view of God; they’re dragging the very notion of Him down to earth.

Departed Power

The reason for defeat in Christian life and in ministry is departed power. Just as Elisha’s young prophet lost the axe head and stopped chopping until he found it, so there is a lesson for us.

What Made the Early Church Different?

With the students we work with, we have seen how the Holy Spirit has done a significant work in their lives.. This has really brought a heightened sense of the significance of the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. Here are some of the things that stood out for me regarding the work of the Spirit this year:

The Work We Never Rest From

I’ve often struggled to rest well on my day off. At times, I have seen friends (in ministry specifically) ‘burn out’ because they have not rested properly. In my fear of burn-out, I’ve sometimes avoided doing good and loving people in my holiday time, or my day off.

When the Spirit Moves in Power

When the Spirit falls, the response of the crowd is very sobering. Some are “amazed”, they are in awe and curious wonderment. Others are “perplexed”, confused and cautious, they have no reference for what God is doing and are on the very edge of offence.

Thank God for Expiry Dates

Unfortunately what I’ve experienced prior to finding breakthrough in life is: “With each different level – there’s a different devil.” It doesn’t end there, the encouragement is: EVERY difficult time has a God ordained expiry date, it won’t last forever and we will eventually break through.

Deserving Hell, Receiving Heaven

Jesus was often controversial when he taught. The story from Luke’s gospel is no different, and in it we get to learn a vital lesson about the kind of person God accepts and those God rejects.

Facing the Music

When our worship songs focus on His character, glory, power, love and grace, we can’t go wrong. Singing to Him about how amazing He is can only be good for us; it takes our focus off ourselves and onto what – or rather, Who – is unchanging.

How Not to Become an Elder

Although it is people that recognize the call of God on certain soon-to-be elders, it is vitally important to remember that people are only recognizing something which God has ordained to be.

The Big Ass in the Road

The question is: what is truly loving? The apostle Paul wrote; “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom…” (Colossians 3:16). To admonish literally means ‘to warn’.

Start Your Engines!

Christ who lives in me, is now the centre of my universe. He has replaced the big I with the ever-increasing HIM. His desires have now been placed in my spirit and I have an entirely new and all-powerful ‘engine’ operating from within my being…

Worship: In Christ or In Vain?

My fear is that in our exuberance to be passionate for God, it is possible to worship in vain- that God would say, “take away from me the noise of your songs”!

A Fresh Wave of Power and Grace

Understanding the times and what God intends to do in us across our Four12 partners this year has filled me with an inexpressible joy!

Speaking Life

Whether you are speaking words full of faith or fear, the difference is the same – you are framing your own world and you will live in it.

Expanding Waistlines, Shrinking Jesus

I love the Christmas season. Family, friends, kids off school, nights in front of the fire playing games, movies, long sleeps, and so much food! As my waistline expands, somehow, my Jesus seems to shrink!

The Father Heart of God

You and I have been made for family, and to be fathered by God. The father heart of God is that we live out of the security of enjoying his love and in being his children.

Whose Meeting Is It Anyway?

It began with something I posted on Facebook – a quote by that great Welsh physician-turned-preacher, Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Here’s what he said almost half a century ago..

Church is About Sunday, Isn’t It?

When the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost, the immediate impact was the creation of a dynamic (and probably chaotic) community of believers.

Without Wax: A look at Christian Community

True Christian community is a beautiful thing. There is nothing that quite comes close to being part of a group of people whom you love and who loves you.

How the Trinity Shapes Christian Living

It is a profound truth that the doctrine of the Trinity shapes our lives. As we look at who God is, we are able to see how we are called to live.

The Person of the Holy Spirit – Part 2

Growing up it never dawned on me that the Holy Spirit was actually a divine Person. I did say the creed, and with my mouth acknowledged that, “I believe in ‘God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit.” But there was no inward reality of His divinity until years later.

The Person of the Holy Spirit – Part 1

There is often a misunderstanding around the person of the Holy Spirit. This is perhaps due to his name, “Holy Spirit”, which to some has connotations of an impersonal force from God or some kind of mystical fog.

Is There More to Contemporary Church?

Is there more to today’s contemporary church than lights, cameras, electric guitars, skinny jeans, tattoos, cool… and trendy brands of coffee?

Entrusted With True Riches

Jesus said in Luke 16:11, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” As a team we have known tests and blessing in this area and here are my reflections for church leaders.

Suffering Well

The word ‘suffering’ in the bible refers to the various kinds of hardship that we face on the earth which clearly we won’t experience in heaven (Rev 21:4).

Puzzled Worshipper

“How do I know what Christian music is ‘good’ to be listening to and worshipping with? What should I listen out for, and do you have any really ‘sound’ recommendations?”