Our desire within Four12 is to live out and teach authentic New Testament Christianity. Unfortunately, whilst there are many good resources available today, much of what is available “out there” is either unhelpful or unhealthy. In order to counteract this, we aim to feature material that we believe carries the theology, vision and values of authentic Biblical Christianity. This material has been produced with the specific intent of assisting in the equipping of both leaders and saints.


Here you will find written resources that expound upon some foundations of authentic Christianity. The purpose of these booklets is to provide Biblical perspectives on Christian values and doctrines.

Partnering churches and their saints are able to use these booklets to be better equipped. Both the web & print versions are available on our website & App for free download.


Four12 has two international conferences per year, catering for the northern and southern hemispheres. We encourage all saints and leaders to highly prioritise attending one of these conferences each year. Our ‘Messages’ section of the Four12 website and App contain audio & video recordings of these conference sessions. These messages are made available for all our partners to watch, listen to or download.


Here you will find helpful links to resources and tools regarding copyright that may be useful to help churches maintain their integrity and avoid costly lawsuits. These resource links are helpful in enabling churches to remain above reproach, whilst still functioning from a place of creative freedom. Also included here are links to a list of recommended paid and free media resources and software. Although this list is not comprehensive, we believe it may be beneficial to many.

If you have any other recommended links or free resources to recommend, please let us know by mailing


If you have ever wondered about the contexts into which we work as Four12, this section is for you. With the heart of equipping the saints for ministry into different cultural contexts and nations, this section contains documents to help you best orientate yourself for your destination of ministry. The Outreach Guides you will find here are an in-depth look at the country you will be visiting, with tips on the best way to minister into each context while making sure you are received by the saints you are ministering to. The Travel Tips are shorter documents highlighting the necessary information you will need to know when travelling to a certain country – they even contain short language guides.


Our video series and programmes have been created with the aim to see God’s Kingdom advance through the medium of film. This platform is used to equip leaders & saints, as well as to facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

Some of these can be used as facilitated teachings for leaders’ training times and small group training, and others by individuals wanting to be better equipped.


In the atmosphere of worship found across our Four12 partnering churches, new songs are often birthed. Songs that express what God is doing amongst us, and songs that connect our hearts with God’s voice. Songs that remind us that we were created to worship and love God, to glorify and enjoy Him forever. In the ‘worship’ section of our website and App you will find some of these songs, as well as tips on writing songs of your own. Here you also have the opportunity to submit your own songs to be shared with churches all around the world. In addition to this, here you will find a collection of articles focused on worship, the technical, theologically and the ‘heart’ of worship. This collection of articles has proven to be a valuable resource for worship teams and leaders.