Our Podcasts are used to equip leaders and saints. They include messages from our recent Sunday Messages, annual conferences, a Church Planters course by Andrew Selley, and more. Listen and subscribe on iTunes and Spotify.


We really need modern Apostolic voices in the days we live in. This series provides an opportunity for us to watch a sit-down conversation with apostolic voices on many contemporary issues and questions that we are facing as individuals and churches. This series is in the format of in-studio filmed interviews. We address several very relevant contemporary issues facing the church, both theological and challenges in leadership. It is made for individual viewing or listening, applicable specifically for leaders but also for saints.

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Joshua Generation Church ran a Church Planting course presented by our Four12 leader, Andrew Selley. The vision is to see God raise a generation who will live to see His Kingdom come, through the vehicle God has chosen, His church. We believe this will be a huge resource for anyone with a heart for church planting. We greatly encourage you to motivate your saints and leaders to access this resource and share it amongst themselves!

The session recordings is also available as a Podcast. Search “Four12 Global” on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Four12 has two international conferences per year, catering for the northern and southern hemispheres. We encourage all saints and leaders to highly prioritise attending one of these conferences each year. Our Conference Messages Podcast on Apple  recordings of these conference sessions. These messages are made available for all our partners to watch, listen to or download.

The session recordings are available as a Podcast. Search “Four12 Global” on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


In this 10-Part foundational teaching series, Mike Davies gives insight into understanding the overall narrative of the Bible and its important themes by looking at the nature of the King and His Kingdom.

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Colossians 2:7 (NLT) “Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him.”

The skill of reading and interpreting our Bibles well is an essential skill. This is increasingly so as we draw closer to Christ’s return and false teaching becomes more widespread and we need to judge what we hear according to the Word. We are really hoping that this resource will equip the saints to develop a solid understanding of God and his kingdom through responsible Bible reading.

This course is made up of 5 video sessions presented in a small group context by experienced Bible teachers. It is ideal for small group or individual study and includes a study guide supplement. You can find the video series and study guide on our Website and App (visit four12global.com).

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With varying theologies on faith doing the rounds in today’s society, Andrew Selley (apostolic leader of Four12) presents a vital apostolic series on the theology of a faith that cannot be corrupted. This nine-part series is crucial to building a foundation of faith that will see you finishing your race standing strong and firm in the truth.

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