You’re Not Good Enough

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Rather than listening to what our maker says about us we often allow what other people think of us determine who we are. Instead we need to choose to listen to what our heavenly father and maker say’s about us.

Caitlin sharing her heart and God’s word with the youth at LHCC

God places us in different places for a season, and what I’ve learnt is that it’s so important to live for the now, and make the most of where you are. As a part of my internship at Living Hope Community Church (LHCC), I’ve had the opportunity to do some youth work and spend time with beautiful youth in all different stages of their walk with Jesus.  I’ve became more aware of how much young people gain their approval from others, trying to please them, or become someone that they aren’t in order to impress one of their peers. At our last youth service ‘VIBE’ I shared my heart with the young people about living a life for an audience of One, God, our heavenly Father and maker.

As a teenager myself I know that when we try so hard to please others, we are left believing lies like we aren’t good enough. It’s sometimes so easy to let others’ opinions of us become something that sticks to us and drag us down. We can be tempted to look at others and compare ourselves, instead of embracing the adventure of discovering who we are created to be in Christ.

God made you as you are, and there’s no one else you can be you except you.”

The truth is we are made uniquely, and created as an individual with our own individual destiny. We can’t please everyone and we were created to live a life of worship to our Lord, our eyes fixed on him, looking for his approval and not that of others. When Peter was walking on the water he began to sink when he took his eyes of Jesus. Don’t let comparison or ‘people pleasing’ affect your walk, keep going and pressing on with your adventure with Jesus. If an athlete is running a race they wouldn’t be looking at others while they are running they would be looking forward. My prayer is that we (especially us youth) allow God’s voice to be louder than any other we listen to. I wish I had the opportunity to look every youth in they eye and say: “God made you as you are, and there’s no one else you can be you except you.”

We’ve started a new season in Vibe (our Living Hope Community Church youth group) where we are standing together in proclaiming truth over our young people. We want them to know that they can choose to believe truth instead of the lies the enemy will feed them, and so can you.

Every day we have a choice to make, to wake up and decide to throw off the lies of the enemy and put on Gods truth. We can run that race set out for us with all our hearts or to give into the enemies lies about who he says we are. Our heart’s desire as youth leaders at LHCC is to see every youth choosing God’s truth filled proclamations over their lives- their identities rooted in who HE says they are.


Caitlin lives on the Isle of Man, is a ‘pastor’s kid’ and the eldest of four girls. She’s currently spending her year on Living Hope Community Church’s internship program (YOYL).

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