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Over a two-week period in April, Mervis van der Merwe and I spent time ministering into different churches across the southern region of Brazil. We travelled between São Paulo, Jundiaí, Serra Negra and Cascavel. We visited both existing Four12 partnering churches as well as numerous other churches that have recently been looking in. Wherever we went we had wonderful opportunities to encourage the people there with regards to worship, intimacy with the Lord and prayer. In every scenario where we ministered, we saw the Holy Spirit move powerfully and countless people would find breakthrough and freedom through an encounter with the love of the Father.
There is a great need and hunger in the church throughout the world for authentic worship. Worship that is both in Spirit and in Truth. It was evident very early on in our travels that the Brazilian people are hungry and desperate for an authentic encounter with the Lord.
It is a very interesting experience being in a different culture and being immersed in a completely different language. Yes, there is a language barrier, but it is so incredible to see how the language of worship is completely universal. The Holy Spirit is able to move in our hearts regardless of the cultural and/ or linguistic differences between us.
Going to a foreign nation for ministry may seem like a daunting task, but it is one of the most fulfilling things you can ever do with God. If we step out in faith and in obedience to the word of God, He is always faithful to come through and move in miraculous and mighty ways. Be encouraged and step out. It’s so worth it.
– David Smith

Watch the feedback clip from Mervis van der Merwe below:

Mervis is the loving husband of Sonja, and doting father to 3 beautiful children. Together with Sonja, Mervis serves on leadership within Joshua Generation Church. With a heart and passion for worship he can often be found seeking and blessing the Father’s heart with his gift of music.
Watch the feedback clip from David Smith below:

David is a deacon within Joshua Generation Church. A passionate and faithful youth leader, David is often seen meeting, discipling and caring for the youth. David is spending the year serving God by practically serving His church.

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