We Were Asked and We Said: Yes!

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by Lovemore Tom

Almost three weeks before our wedding day Laura, my wife, and I were approached by the leaders in Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) and asked to consider planting a church in Khayelitsha soon after our wedding. All we had on our minds, at that stage, was the great anticipation of our honeymoon and our blessed married life. Church planting was the last thing on our minds! Though we knew in God that at some point we were going to be involved in church planting, we never dreamed it would be this soon.

When we were first asked if we would consider planting, Laura felt in her heart that it was too soon for us to plant a church as we were not even married yet and needed time to build a strong foundation for our marriage. However, God spoke to her and reminded her of her call in God to serve Him and that God’s timing was perfect. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we were going to accept God’s call and embark on the plant once we were married as we were so convinced that God had brought us together for the purposes of His Kingdom. A week before the leaders approached us, God gave me a dream where I saw myself and Laura being asked to go to a certain area and plant a church with urgency. Hence, we did not struggle with making the decision. We were convinced it was God-initiated, and the timing was perfect, we felt God had been waiting for us to get married. Together as a team we felt protected, unified, strong and courageous enough, in Him, to embark on a church plant.

As for me, personally, I always knew God wanted me to plant a church. In 2015 before I was an elder in JoshGen I submitted a dream I had in my heart, to plant a church in Zimbabwe and the leaders felt it wasn’t yet time for me to plant – thank God for our leaders and I am so glad that I took the wise counsel. In 2016, I received a prophetic word about ministry and going into full-time ministry, in the same year a deaconess in Dunoon congregation had a prophetic dream where she saw me being given my own vehicle (which represents ministry) and driving with many people in it. In 2017 I received another prophetic word specifically stating that I would soon plant a church and start discipling people in the ways of God. I also had several prophetic dreams about church planting.

Even Laura, just after receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord in 2012, received a prophecy that God was going to accelerate her walk with God for the purposes of His Kingdom. She also received numerous prophetic words about her working with African people and working alongside her husband.

One thing we have learned in this short space of time, having begun working on the ground in October 2018 in Khayelitsha, is that church planting is a wild, adventurous ride and requires an immediate response to God’s call. All we did was say, “Yes, Lord!” and immediately availed ourselves to His plan of church planting, and we have been rewarded with an overwhelming response from the community. Their hearts are open; and we have been blessed to see salvations, recommitments and two baptisms so far. It has been so rewarding to witness God stretching out His hand to touch His people and deliver souls from the kingdom of darkness into His Kingdom of light.

Our hearts want to see His Kingdom established first, our comfort secondary. We even felt God calling us to take a step of faith further, and Laura, who has been working full time in the corporate world, has resigned from her well-paying job that would have made our lives comfortable, to join me full time in this Khayelitsha plant.

You might be left asking; “Why Khayelitsha?” And the answer boils down to Andrew’s prophetic word from the beginning of year that has been echoing in our hearts ever since – “Anytime, Anywhere and Anyhow.”

We were asked; and we said yes!


Lovemore is married to Laura, and together they serve in leadership in Joshua Generation Church meeting in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. They are a couple who are passionate about people, prayer and seeing nations changed for the Glory of God!

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