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by Matthew Engelbrecht


My name is Matthew Engelbrecht and I’ve been a student at Timothy Ministry Training (TMT) for the last nine months. Nine months of learning, growing, building new friendships and fun. I wasn’t going to do TMT this year. I was already accepted to study a business degree at Stellenbosch University, however during November 2016 I felt God asking me if I would give a year to focus on Him. It was a battle inside of myself, but I knew, even though I got saved when I was 5 years old, even though I was saved and grew up with the right influences, I was religious in my heart. There was not a deep devotion to Jesus, only a surface level “know the right answers and ways to act” attitude. God knew that I needed to see the truth of who He is and who I am in Him, and He has been using my year at TMT to do just that.

The TMT outreach that has just passed moulded me and shaped my character more than anything else before it. Jesus performed deep works in my heart, and I have already seen changes in the areas which were highlighted to me by Him.

 I was religious in my heart. There was not deep devotion to Jesus, only a surface “know the right answers and ways to act” attitude that I had.

During the third week of outreach we drove through to Melkbos in Cape Town for a worship evening. When we arrived I saw a girl who was limping and my first reaction was to think, “It’s okay, someone else will pray for her.” The evening went and as we were drawing to close I spotted the girl again and saw that she was still limping, I went up to her and asked one of my fellow TMT students to join me. She told us that she hurt herself playing hockey and that she was in so much pain that she could barely put pressure on her foot when walking. We prayed for her…and God healed her. She started putting pressure on her foot and immediately it felt a lot better. I was informed later the next day that she was running around the rest of the night completely healed and telling her friends what had happened to her.

He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind. – Psalm 107: 20,21
TMT outreach fun

TMT outreach fun

Later on at Pulse youth camp which was at the end of our three-week TMT outreach there was an invitation given out during one of the ministry times, if anyone had any kind of physical pain, we would pray for their healing. I spotted a boy who put his hand up and I approached him to ask him what was wrong. He told me that he had hurt his back badly and that even standing was painful. Full of faith I grabbed two youth camp attendees and said to them. “Do you want to see God heal this boy?”. They joined us and we laid hands on the boy’s back and prayed. Soon after he was completely healed and felt no more pain…God is faithful.

I would encourage everyone to give a year to TMT, and be a part of your own stories like these ones. I honestly thought I was at a good place and did not think I needed to change. But for anyone that wants to become more like Christ and wants to find God’s will for your life, TMT is a great opportunity for that. You meet people that you know will be friends for life and you will grow more than you think possible. Find out more about TMT here: https://www.four12global.com/events/2018-timothy-ministry-training/


Matthew Joel is a passionate worshipper and follower of Christ. For the year of 2017 he is enrolled as a student at Timothy Ministry Training which is based in Wellington South Africa and forms a part of Joshua Generation ChurchAdventure and family very important to him and a night in front of the fire with a guitar is a night well spent.

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