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In March 2016 I attended the Four12 School of Prophecy and was given so many tools in the prophetic, not just to minister but to help and equip others to walk in their giftings too. Going back into my home congregation I had some great opportunities where I was able to use these tools, but I had such a desire in my heart to do more.

When I saw the announcement for the outreach to Covenant Life Church with Four12 and saw that it was a prophetic weekend with Melanie du Toit, I felt this was the Lord calling me out, inviting me to ‘the more’: I needed to go, it was ‘time to fly’. 
We were a bit tight on finances but I knew by just  being obedient and saying “yes Lord I will go”, God would sort the rest out.
 Soon after saying yes and booking an air ticket in faith I was blessed with R1000 from someone in our congregation that had heard God telling them to give me the money towards the Benoni trip. God provided!

I was blown away the whole weekend at seeing how God took everyone into a new place in Him and especially those that had never prophesied before.
 One lady told me at the beginning of the weekend that this was not her thing and she would be sitting in the back. Well, by Sunday morning she came to church bursting to speak out and to share words God had laid on her heart for others.

 “God you are so big and mighty and I’m so small and weak… and yet you choose to use me to confirm this word, wow!”.

On Sunday morning before the preaching time, Jesus gave me a song to sing over the congregation…which is always stretching for me as I am no ‘confident songbird’. I was taken aback that God would use me to sing over people in another city, but I knew that He wanted to say something to them and as I sang about the Bride I could feel something of His heart. A little while later when Melanie got up to preach she began with this: “I want to talk to you this morning about the Bride”, I nearly fell off my chair. I thought to myself “God you are so big and mighty and I’m so small and weak…and yet you choose to use me to confirm this word, wow!”.

The prophetic truly is a gift to edify, encourage and build up the body and I was (and am) so thankful to be a part of the ‘building team’.


Claire is married to Dane, a mom of two girls and an energetic kids care teacher. Claire is a passionate worshipper of the King, based at Joshua Generation Church in Edgemead.


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