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All I can say is “wow God what a weekend”, how blessed are we that God would come and lavish his love on us at this ‘weekend in Sao Paulo’ with our Four12 Partners? It was evident from the first moment that the Holy Spirit had been working behind the scenes way before we arrived for this outreach. God had been laying the foundations long before November 2017 ready to catch us, love us and equip us.

Every message that was spoken and every song that was sung was releasing us into an atmosphere of freedom, from Mike Davies’ (an Elder from Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town) message on “being expectant from the start because God has placed a seal on us” to Peters Nembard’s message (an Elder from ARC in London) on “are we there yet?”. Then Rousseau Moss (the lead elder from Living Hope, Port St Mary where I fellowship) sealed it by sharing with us the importance of “outdoing one another with honour”. The response was a beautiful time of seeing brothers and sisters from different nations and backgrounds lavish love and honour upon one another. Bearing in mind this outreach to our Partners in Brazil saw saints and leaders joining together from South Africa, London, the Isle of Man and Brazil of course. A beautiful mixed bag!

My pastor Rousseau Moss had challenged us to go on this outreach expectant and to ask God for a gift. One of the things I wanted was to break free from feeling so ‘held back’ during worship. I wanted to freely dance and move when I worshipped Jesus. On the second morning, Rousseau felt that I had a song to share with the people there and said I should go sing it out. It’s so terrifying when you step out knowing you ‘have nothing’ but a faith that God will give you what you need when you need it. I knew I needed a song right then, it was in that moment as I said “Lord I give You my yes and I give You my all and I hold nothing back” that a song broke out and I felt my feet begin to move and a new freedom came upon me. I knew that something had broken and shifted within me, after that, I danced during every worship time with no care as to anything other than worshipping Jesus. That same evening we all broke out and danced along to a song that says, “I am my beloved’s and He is mine”, every tongue joined together in unity and danced and praised Jesus.

On our last day of the weekend, I was able to give out my mustard seeds. God gave me a vision a year ago to make them and give them out to encourage faith. It was such an honour for me to see the vision God had given me come to life, that powerful reminder that we are faith-filled and we have mountains to move in Christ. There is so much more that God has done for me through my time in Brazil, it’s been wild (in the best way possible) and I know I am forever changed!

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Rebecca is a part of our partnering church Living Hope with whom she first ventured into Brazil in 2015 and now again in 2017. She lives together with her husband of four years in the very beautiful Isle of Man.

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