“The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness”

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 Book Review by Juliet Marais


timkellerbook_ “The thing we would remember from meeting a truly gospel-humble person is how much they seemed to be totally interested in us. Because the essence of gospel-humility is not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less.” – Timothy Keller, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

Humility, equated with absolute interest in others, man that makes sense to me. Isn’t it wonderful when you meet someone (especially those incredibly important ones) and they stop to ask you questions about yourself and your life? Doesn’t it make you feel significant and humbled by their interest in you? I feel that way when people take a genuine interest in me, it’s one of the loveliest things to experience.

It’s tough at times trying to embody humility- finding the balance between thinking you should reject any recognition sent your way and yet not getting too big a kick out of people’s validation. This is why I love how Tim Keller swings it from how humility makes me feel, to how my humility should make others feel, i.e. ‘stop worrying about how humble people look or behave and just focus on taking an interest in others…’. I like that because it gives me a practical handle on humility. Something I know I can do, I can intentionally take a genuine interest in others and then rest in the knowledge that humility will develop as a kind of great side effect to this way of living.

Jesus was like that when he lived on earth, wasn’t he? He was always taking an interest in others, always stopping for the one, speaking to the seemingly insignificant and making time for the little children.
Jesus modeled the most powerful kind of humility when He displayed just how ‘totally interested in us’ he was by dying on the cross for our sins.

Jesus humbled Himself unto death, we were His treasured interest before the world began, we epitomised his treasured interest when He died for our sins and we have unwaveringly remained His treasured interest.

This book is a massive encouragement to keep seeking to live a life of humility, a life about total interest in others, a life like our Christ’s.

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