A Perfect Day


We were having the perfect day with five beautiful young women from different parts of the world and walks of life who had come together and were spending a day on the southern coast of Brazil. We were having conversations filled with real heart stuff, it was edifying and holy. A couple of us have battled with anxiety and we were encouraging a friend in the group who was in the midst of facing intense anxiety head-on.

…but let’s start at the very beginning. Rewind 2 weeks before that time, I was on an outreach in Brazil with Mike Davies, Melanie Du Toit and Julie de Lisle for the School of Prophecy in Monte Mor.

For myself, outreaches usually touch on three main areas; my heart, the corporate and friendships. Well, shortly after arriving in Brazil we shared our testimonies and ministered at a ladies morning and God decided to kick off on all three of these fronts. The theme was freedom and God promptly decided to show me how I had laid down the weapons He had given to me and made peace with many, many disabilities and nuisances in my life. Me…the ’25 years passionately saved person’, I had given up on some of the very things God had for me, ‘eeek’.

I listened and waited some more. What exactly were these things? They started coming to mind; ‘feeling accepted’, ‘battling thoughts of unworthiness’, ‘never feeling secure (safe)’, etc. “Okay Lord, if You want to bring these up again, I guess You plan on working them out for me God?”. Little did I know…

School of Prophecy rolled around and that was a whole other story in itself but I received two words significant to this story. Someone told me, “You are protected” and I heard God tell me “I am your Superman”.

Fast forward three days to the moment I first described, there were us five on the beach and after a lovely morning we packed up and moved on to the most beautiful little private beach. We swam with turtles and ate Açaí (a local fruit delicacy) and laughed a lot! We took cool pictures, laughed some more and then…we got mugged at gunpoint.

Yes, that happened. You read correctly…gunpoint. What?!

We were all okay physically, but it sure was a shock and a definite unwelcome turn in events!

But God.

How amazing was it that we weren’t physically hurt and that God had just 5 days prior reminded me that I am protected. God had prepared me for that scary time, He had taken what the enemy intended for evil and used it for my good. I knew God had me, and had us. Even now He continues to work on every little area I had given up on because He finishes what He starts.

So yes, scary things can happen and any time, even when we are stepping out for and with Jesus (maybe even in some cases, especially then!). Will it stop me from going again? No. Do I trust God less now? Definitely not. Yes, our perfect day was impacted by a potentially life-threatening event, but I wouldn’t have traded that outreach or that time with those girls for a safer day. God is never out of control, never caught off guard and always at work…I trust Him most of all!

“There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a FLOURISHING FINISH on the very day Christ Jesus appears.” Philippians 1:6


Caro is a passionate daughter of God, a gifted food stylist and a keen healthy food advocate. Caro is based in Cape Town at Joshua Generation Church.

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