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I always go to conference with high expectations of things that might happen. Due to our previous Four12 Conferences I thought something life changing was in store, but I expected it to be more of a ‘heart change’ than a ‘physical change’… however God had (much) more in store for me.

For the last 5 years or so I have had to take Schedule 5 (prescription) sleeping tablets. If I didn’t take these tables, I would be awake the entire night or have the worst kind of interrupted sleep.

Sometimes even with taking these sleeping tablets I would still be awake for long periods of time throughout the night. These years of ‘lacking sleep’ taught me a lot: firstly, not getting good quality sleep is probably one of the most extreme methods of torture possible (no wonder they used it in prison war camps) and secondly poor sleep can affect your entire life and health immensely.

At the end of the final session of the 2016 Four12 Conference in SouthAfrica, Brad Verreynne (lead elder at Oxygen Life Church) made a call, inviting people with sleep disorders to come to the front for prayer. He testified of how a week before he had been chatting with another elder, Bret Bevan and Bret had mentioned how for years he had battled with insomnia. Brad prayed for him that night before going to sleep and the next morning Bret was very excited to tell Brad that he had, had his best night of sleep in years. Needless to say I heard this testimony and quickly with a heart full of faith made my way to the front of the hall to receive prayer.

What happened next…well since that day I have not taken one single sleeping tablet and I have been sleeping like a rock. Today it will be 2 weeks of being able to sleep ‘sleeping tablet free’. How amazing is our God?

I was reminded of how sometimes all we need to do is ask our Heavenly Dad for what we need. I use to think that asking God for healing needed to be saved for the ‘big things’. However in the last 3 months I have been healed of so many smaller aches and pains, including the ‘curse’ that is frequent migraines. I had almost given up on asking for prayer for headaches as I felt that maybe it didn’t work and then one day it just worked. God’s timing is perfect

Now I am not saying go immediately and throw away your medication. Always consult with your doctors and leaders first on your own individual ‘way ahead’. God works in different ways for different people, but always with the same purpose in mind- His best for you. Our God heals and gives sleep to His beloved.


Anli lives in Cape Town where she has been a part of Joshua Generation Church since 2003. She loves serving God, caring for His people, laughing much and travelling the globe, especially the United States.

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