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When I think about the Regional Equip that recently took place in Port Elizabeth I find myself wondering: How did we get to the place where there are enough local churches in the Eastern Cape region connected to the Four 12 movement, to warrant an entire Equip of our own? There’s a sense that God was sneakily busy building His church with tiny teams of men and women working tirelessly into the region for years, and then suddenly there was momentum and a family of 10 congregations joined together, united in heart and purpose.

Now here we are, shortly after the conference, still trying to digest meaty teaching, rest tired bones that lifted heavy things, and remember names attached to so many beautiful faces we encountered. The Equip was a sort of ‘Show-And-Tell’ experience, Holy Spirit style, with what was taught from the pulpit being displayed before our very eyes at various moments throughout the weekend. He put the gift of service on display for us with all 330 members of Oxygen Life Church registered and volunteering in the area of registration, sound, kids care, hospitality and so much more. Some sacrificed their backs and their sleep by setting down the equipment from a local school hall on the Friday evening and carting it back to The Base (Oxygen Life’s venue) to set up into the early hours of Saturday morning! Then Andrew redeemed Martha by teaching us that she was not only the one who was distracted by many worries while her sister chose what was better, but she was the one who served. She was the one who prepared a place where Jesus could recline and be ministered to by her sister Mary and where He could minister to others.

Another display of the power of the Holy Spirit occurred when Andrew taught on the mystery of praying in tongues. Not only did he clearly outline the different kinds of tongues (and clear up misconceptions around them) but he also invited those who had never spoken in tongues to come forward for prayer. There were many who spoke in tongues for the first time and many others whose prayer life was refreshed because of a better understanding of the gift of tongues.

Perhaps the climax of this ‘Show-And-Tell experience was in the area of unity. Andrew reminded us of the true meaning of fellowship; of being of one heart and mind at The Gathering on Friday evening. While this kind of unity is so difficult to attain in a multicultural group of people, the worship session on Saturday morning showed that we could be in unity even while singing in different languages. The music team led us in Xhosa and English worship and it was such a powerful picture of what heaven might look like one day when every nation, tribe and tongue will worship the King of Kings in perfect fellowship.

While the Equip itself was an incredible experience, it’s the changed lives of the people who will go out into their local churches and change lives that excite me most. The saints were equipped to do the work of the ministry and I’m sure we will soon hear of the many Show and Tell experiences taking place in local churches because of this year’s Eastern Cape Regional Equip.


You may have seen her on a stage somewhere, but Robynn can most often be found behind a laptop happily making magic in the corporate marketing and events space. She is a member of our Four12 partners, Oxygen Life Church.

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