Run the Race, Together

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The best moments from the third and final day of the conference…

Best Near-Scandal:
In the first session of the day, while speaking about marriages not lasting, Andrew Selley wanted to mention the sad example of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Instead, he referred to “Brad and Angela”, which must’ve come as quite a surprise to many, especially the Verreynnes.

Best Mind-Blowing Scripture:
John 17:21-23. Jesus actually prayed that we would be unified in exactly the same way as the godhead. Think about that.

Best Horror Story:
The church meeting to end all church meetings, in the early days of Josh Gen. It involved a visitor commandeering the microphone, demons loudly manifesting, a prayer shawl and a shofar made of a kudu horn. First thing I’m doing when I get to heaven is asking God to show me archive footage of that meeting.

Best “Eina” Moment:
“Covetousness is a heart divided between two passions. It’s desiring something so much that you lose your contentment in God.” That was Will Marais in the second session, on Godly contentment.

Best Unexpected Early-2000s Pop Culture Reference:
Will on how God changes us: “It’s not just like an oil change in a car; it’s a complete conversion, like ‘Pimp My Ride’!

Best Rewritten Lyrics:
Somehow, Will took that song, ‘Take my life / and let it be’ and turned it into, ‘Take my wife / and let me be’. For the rest of our lives, none of us will ever hear that song the same. And now neither will you.

Best Phrase:
Here’s Will on his younger days: “When I was in Bible school, I was so anointed I could preach the skin off a rice pudding.” If you’re ever bored, do yourself a favour and picture that. You’re welcome.

Best Quote:
“Sometimes beauty comes from desperation and perspiration, not reputation and a TV station.” The legendary Chris Staples took the final session of the conference, reminding us that God blesses our perseverance and determination to run the race and finish.

Best Perseverance Story:
During the recent Argus cycling race, the Isle of Man guys rode to raise money for charity. One of their team members had to deal with a puncture, then another puncture, then a broken chain, then crippling cramps, then his bike being taken while he was having his cramped legs massaged, and then, finally, a baboon. He finished with about 15 minutes to spare.

Best Final Word:
“Run the race!”

And what a good way to end the 2016 conference. It’s been a brilliant one; God has sung over us, encouraged us, corrected us and recalibrated us – sometimes all in one session. There’s a race marked out for us, and Jesus is cheering us on all the way. Let’s run it together, and run it well.


Shaun played punk rock for a living, then worked for a chicken company, then wrote for adverts. Now he serves on the leadership at Oxygen Life Church. He has a lovely wife, Sammy Jane, and they have a daughter, Gracie. You can follow him on Facebook.

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