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Oxygen Life Church in Port Elizabeth (P.E.) recently hosted the fourth Four12 School of Prophecy, and what an amazing time it was with Jesus and each other!

Nervous and excited, 53 students from Four12 churches across the country (and also a few from non-partnering churches in South Africa, Brazil and USA) arrived on Saturday morning for the start of an intensive intermediary “boot camp” in the prophetic.  Over the next 9 days, the students would be trained and equipped – through teaching, but also through many practical activations – not only to hear God better for themselves but to train and equip others in the prophetic so that the Body of Christ might be strengthened, encouraged and comforted! (1 Corinthians 14:3).

From the first day, the students were thrown into the deep end when they were sent out to the streets, the shopping malls and restaurants in P.E. to go speak God’s precious thoughts over people they do not know – but whom Jesus knows and loves! For many, this was quite a scary prospect that called for some serious “walking on water” – but that is exactly what they did as they trusted the Holy Spirit to show them who to speak to and what to say. As always, the Spirit was so faithful and many had amazing testimonies of accurate words of knowledge and prophetic words for people, of healings and even opportunities to introduce people to Jesus!

From there on, everything else was not quite as scary and the students were quick to dive into the practical activations and grow their prophetic muscle by prophesying over one another, and also in different ministry and community groups in the life of the church. A definite highlight was the open prophetic workshop facilitated by the students at the end of the School – an opportunity for anyone and everyone to come heard God’s words over them and even be activated to prophesy themselves – because doesn’t Paul say “I wish you could all prophesy” (1 Corinthians 14:5)! The workshop was attended by about 150 – 200 people (from Oxygen Life, but also many people from outside), all of whom were prophesied over and all of whom prophesied themselves (many for the very first time!). The excitement in the room was tangible – as was Jesus’s presence, with many tears flowing as hearts were being built up, stirred up and cheered up by the prophetic.

Although the School is quite intensive, it is also very intentional in creating space for the students to build relationship and friendship, by sharing their stories of how they came to know Jesus and what He is doing in their lives, with one another. And while we all go away from the School bolder and braver than before, having had the opportunity to exercise and sharpen our prophetic gift, for many, it is this that stands out as a precious memory from this time – the love that God gave us for one another (and for His Bride!), as we spent time together loving Him and experiencing so much of His own great love for us.

Thank you, Jesus, for another wonderful School of Prophecy – for every heart encountered, and every life changed, for Your glory! Never the same again!

You don’t have to come, but You always do. You show up in splendour, and You change the whole room …” (Thank You, Jonathan David Helser).


Nadene is a leader at Joshua Generation Church,  an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, and the full-time Legal Counsel of FOR SA. She currently serves as a Next Generation Board Member on the Advocates Africa Board, representing Southern Africa.

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