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One of the most exciting things about being a follower of Christ is being on the front line of the kingdom of God advancing in our communities. It has been my absolute privilege to do this on the Isle of Man by being a part of the launch of Living Hope’s fifth congregation – Douglas PM! On the 15th January 2017 we made Living Hope history by holding the launch night of Douglas PM, 9 years after the first Douglas AM plant from Living Hope. The night was charged with electricity as people came from across the church and the island to support the launch full of expectancy and hope. God moved powerfully in the service and there was a tangible presence of God that left us feeling we were on the brink of something extraordinary.

In the run up to planting this congregation a number of prophetic words have been felt spoken over us; one of these is unity. We will only be able to achieve all that God has for us and reach all those people he has in our path if we each play our part. This is particularly true of a church plant where there aren’t established teams, rotas, or ministries. We are all on the prayer team, response team, welcome team – a win for one person is a win for us all. The enemy loves to divide because he knows that if he can divide us he can derail the move of God. Division isn’t just disagreement, it stands in polar opposite to the nature of God and the design of the bride of Christ. As a church plant, we are moving forward following the call of God knowing that if we stand in unity we will experience all that God has for us.

Division isn’t just disagreement, it stands in polar opposite to the nature of God and the design of the bride of Christ.

For us as a family, this church plant has come at an ideal time. My husband and I welcomed our first born daughter into our family earlier in 2016 and Edith is a wonderful blessing to us. After having a baby I was given ‘maternity leave’ from serving while we focussed on establishing our family. This was a kindness that we appreciated from our church family but after a few months, I began to feel God calling me back into something more. Raising our daughter is my ministry, yes, but I am also a part of the family of God and I have gifts and talents I can use to build the church as well. I was feeling a bit stuck to be honest. And then…God moved. We were invited to be a part of Douglas PM and my heart went ‘YES!’ so quickly. An opportunity to be on the front line, right in the centre of this move of God on the Isle of Man. I am so excited about Douglas PM, an authentic worshipping community, marked by unity, bringing the kingdom of God to the Isle of Man.

Next time you’re on the island, come check us out! Find us here


Leah has been married to Dave since 2013, in 2014 they made the jump from living in England to the Isle of Man and joined Living Hope Church. They also welcomed their first born into their family in 2016.

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