Maybe An Angel?


You can like someone instantaneously, but there is something that happens through God when you meet someone and instantaneously you love them. Within minutes you know you’d dive in front of a moving car for them (though you’re still hoping not to be tested on that one). Next level.

For Christians meeting other Christians, it’s as if your spirit greets their spirit and you realise the source of life for both, is one and the same. A sense of ‘wait a minute I know you!’, even though you’ve never met before.

This weekend I moved in with two Oxygen Life Church girls for the Four12 Outreach time. They opened their flat to host me and by ‘opened their flat up’ I mean one of the girls gave up her bedroom and went to share her flatmates double bed and gave me her lovely sunny bedroom. The extra cherry on top- this girl (Ally) wasn’t even able to make a lot of the church’s meetings we were involved with over the weekend (she really wanted to!). She was busy with the busiest week of work possible in catering- event after event amidst flu and serving at youth, if anyone needed her own bed…it was Ally.

Eden Lyons left and Ally Kellet on the right

Her flatmate Eden who opened up her bedroom to Ally was crazy busy too- a weekend exam was on her plate and Friday night after serving at youth as a leader she stayed up to study while I crawled into bed. Crazy right?

Why would these two 20 something girls do this? They wanted to. It didn’t matter that Eden is a busy teaching student and Ally a hard working chef, they chose to share their little home, scarce free time and limited food budget with me. They wanted to be a part of walking in what Jesus calls us all to as children of God.

Hebrews 13:2 Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.

Okay so they didn’t entertain an angel (Yes the girls would not believe me if I tried to convince them otherwise, hehe)…this time. What they did do was walk in pure obedience and set an amazing example of selfless hospitality. The kind of inconvenient hospitality that we as children of God are all called to model. I can honestly say that I instantaneously loved these girls, the kind of love I described at the beginning on this post. I loved seeing how they loved and cared for one another too- each one considering the other’s needs effortlessly and naturally, encouragement flowing between them easily. As an almost 30 year old I’m thankful for young ladies like this who exemplify this very verse:

“Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live…”

So what is stopping you from opening up your home to a ‘stranger’? Hosting a visitor for a conference, equipping time, outreach? Who knows, you may be one of those who entertain an angel.


Juliet, also known as Jewels, is a member of the Four12 admin team. An 80’s baby she grew up in Cape Town as a ‘PK’ (pastor’s kid), the youngest of four children. Most days you’ll find her out running, hanging out with her family, enjoying a good cup of coffee or getting her thoughts on ‘paper’ blogging.

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